Season 2 Episode 19

Warrior Brood

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Jan 01, 2007 on USA

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  • A fine example of the flaw of the series. Animation and character design.

    While the story remains awesome and I like the concept, my complaint is in the design and physics of the new neo breeds. The design of the new neo breeds look ridiculous to me, I mean c'mon, crab and spider like neos?! Although it might be understandable that this is the first breed and as the series go on, you see only certain breeds were continued while others were not and they even narrowed down and improved their designs so I guess it's tolerable.

    But then there's my other complaint, the physics. In this episode you clearly see that no blasters, even the e-frame weapons do nothing to them. This is hard for me to believe considering the e-frame blasters are capable of piercing the hulls of much larger more armored fleet ships. Granted, the crab neos have natural armor and they said that the new breed heals almost instantaneously but I think that's a little too convenient and far-fetched. I could understand hand blasters doing little to no damage but e-frame blasters?! and even missles and Bronski's plasma grenades do nothing?! And then later on, you see that the e-frame blasters DO do something, at least to the effect of knock back. Later in the series, you even see that the hand blasters are able to slow them down. A little continuity error in my belief. Instantaneous healing is too much, although I would have accepted regular regeneration or even "expedited" healing just not instantaneous.