Season 1 Episode 12

Betrayal (Into the Heart of Darkness 3)

Full Episode: Betrayal (Into the Heart of Darkness 3)


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The remnants of the ExoFleet escape and, once he has put down the mutiny, Admiral Winfield has the fleet set course for a return to Io. Marsala is taken to Phaeton, who is hesitant to believe that Marsala has changed sides. Marsala captures the rest of Able Squad, and Phaeton has Marsala conduct a brain scan of Marsh to determine if his defection is deception. When Marsala is given the opportunity to execute his fellow squad members he makes an impassioned speech regarding the plight of the Neo sapiens, but then turns against Phaeton. The rest of Able Squad rushes the guards and they take control of their location. At the end, Typhonus is sending troops to the area, giving orders to shoot to kill.moreless
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