Season 1 Episode 13

Defying Olympus (Into the Heart of Darkness 4)

Full Episode: Defying Olympus (Into the Heart of Darkness 4)


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Able Squad escapes from the brood chamber with Phaeton as a hostage (a useless one, since Typhonus wouldn't mind him dead). Once outside Phaeton tries to resist and is shot, he then falls down the mountainside. Able Squad climbs up the mountain so they can destroy the brood chamber. They then realize they can accomplish this by flooding it with magma. Phaeton returns to try to stop them, but J.T. defeats him in an e-frame battle. The mountain then explodes, and Weston and Takagi arrive just in time to pick up their fellow squad members. The episode ends with a preview for next season with Marsh and Typhonus each receiving missions from their leaders.moreless
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