Season 1 Episode 5

Resist! (Fall of the Human Empire 5)

Full Episode: Resist! (Fall of the Human Empire 5)


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The members of Able Squad prevent Marsh's guards from taking him to his execution. They launch, and Marsh leads an e-frame assault on the Neo flagship, which gives the ExoFleet the opportunity to escape. Able Squad was left behind, and they land on Earth, near Chicago. The ExoFleet is badly damaged in its engagement with the Neo sapiens, and is forced to withdraw from the inner solar system. Phaeton begins to tighten his grip on the Homeworlds through programs such as the required registration of natural-born humans. In an attempt to recruit new resistance members, while also allowing Able Squad to return to the ExoFleet, Napier broadcasts a message that is well received by Terrans, but outrages Phaeton. Able Squad escapes, but leaves their e-frames for the resistance to use.moreless
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