Season 1 Episode 11

The Brood (Into the Heart of Darkness 2)

Full Episode: The Brood (Into the Heart of Darkness 2)


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Able Squad continues to flee from Neo sapien e-frames on Mars, and eventually they find shelter in a cave. Captain Marcus orders the ExoFleet to set a course for Earth, so that they can liberate it. Phaeton knows that the ExoFleet cannot withstand the Neos combined strength, and so he orders the Mars Fleet to Earth to assist (which results in the Neo frames halting their pusuit of Able Squad). The fleets engage near Earth, and the Neo sapiens are clearly victorious, inflicting devastating losses on the ExoFleet, whose few remaining ships attempt a withdrawal. The only Neo losses occurs when Marcus destroys the Resolute in the vicinity of many Neo capital ships, which are also destroyed. While covertly searching the Neo sapien complex, Alec and Marsala find thousands of brood chambers. The episode ends with Marsala sounding an alarm which brings Neo guards (who capture the two), demanding to see Phaeton, and declaring that he will save his people.moreless
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