Expedition Great White

Sunday 10:00 PM on National Geographic Premiered Jun 06, 2010 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Hammered
      Episode 10
    • Killing Zone
      Episode 9
      Lead scientist Pete Klimley and his second in command Alex Hearn, clash in a screaming match that comes close to an all out fist fight. Pete also goes viral on Expedition Leader Chris and Captain Brett setting an anxious undertone throughout the crew. At the end of the day, the mission to protect the sharks rises above all else although personality conflicts continue to simmer.moreless
    • Mission Critical
      Episode 8
      The Shark Men divide and conquer to get the job done, but that approach causes some safety issues. While divers scout for hammerheads, Todd is off by himself and hooks a giant tiger shark. The divers' support boats rush over to assist Todd leaving the lead scientist alone in dangerous waters The tense episode is the start of a growing divide between the anglers and scientists on priorities and protocol. But in the end, the mission takes precedent and they wind up having their best day ever in terms of tagged sharks. Costa Rica's Cocos Island is a designated protected area and the rangers are keeping a skeptical eye on the men. But their mission is urgent as thousands upon thousands of sharks are illegally finned in these waters.moreless
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      Under the cloak of darkness, shark finning poachers boldly enter Cocos Island's protective waters and this is the first time the Shark Men have on-board security in case there's a confrontation. Under tense conditions, the team's main species for tagging are hammerhead sharks. Because of their bigger fins, they are a highly sought after species for slaughter.moreless
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      The men are tired, tense and determined to succeed but the window is fast closing. One more tiger shark and 3 more silvertips are desperately sought before they need to pull anchor and leave the region. Expedition leader Chris Fischer keeps pushing the men to focus and keep working until the very last second.moreless
    • Coming Unglued
      Episode 5
      As the long and grueling expedition winds down, the Shark Men struggle to put personal conflicts aside to stay focused on their ambitious and urgent mission - to save as many shark species as they can.
    • Tiger Bait
      Episode 4
      Chris Fischer, the expedition leader, finally unveils the remote operating vehicle with an underwater camera that he says is crucial to effectively finding and landing their targets--and it works, helping them hook two tiger sharks.
    • Tiger Escape
      Episode 3
      The Shark Men don't take failure lightly, so when they're overwhelmed by--and fail to hook--two tiger sharks, their determination kicks in and they figure out a better method, resulting in the team landing a sub- adult tiger shark they name Sara. Chris Fischer and lead scientist Peter Klimley find common ground on the best deck placement and tagging methods. On top of all that, Captain Jody Whitmore and three others are nearing their goal of growing out their hair to donate to cancer victims.moreless
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      After anchoring at Socorro, one of the four islands that make up the Revillagigedos archipelago, the Shark Men catch their first male of the expedition--a 6½-foot silky shark. The science team is excited, as silkies are one of the top five species caught as bycatch in the region, so they want to tag as many as they can. Meanwhile, the seas are getting rougher and the mother ship is having serious electrical issues that threaten the entire mission.moreless
    • Tagging Tigers
      Episode 1
      The expedition gets off to a rough start thanks to a new method of landing the sharks with a sling (instead of a lift), along with the fact that they now have to implant acoustic tags under the sharks' skin--which should make it easier to track their movements. But it doesn't take them long to hit their stride, and they're soon rewarded with a large tiger shark--a first for the science team and the crew, and a good bonding experience.moreless
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