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  • Season 3
    • A Private War
      A Private War
      Episode 1218
      This week on Exposé: a new Episode online and on Bill Moyers Journal. A private company hired to build military family homes never finishes the job. An employee tries to do something about it but his bosses - and the U.S. Navy.
    • Beneath the North Texas Dirt
      An investigative reporter with a Dallas television station figures out what's behind a series of deadly house explosions.
    • No Justice Out Here
      No Justice Out Here
      Episode 1114
      An investigation by The Denver Post reveals that many Native Americans living on reservations are subject to a "systemic failure" of the very justice system that is supposed to protect them.
    • Amistades Influyentes (Friends in High Places)
      Vanity Fair pulls back the curtain on SAIC, the largest government contractor you've never heard of.
    • Poverty, Inc.
      Poverty, Inc.
      Episode 0807
      Is the cost of being poor on the rise? Lower-income families have long paid more for food, housing and other basic necessities. But corner bodegas, pawn shops, and rent-to-own furniture stores, often staples of poor neighborhoods, have been joined by some newer, bigger competition in recent years. The finance industry that brought the nation subprime mortgages has now come to town seeking riches in the form of high-interest, high-fee loans. Holding out the promise of credit for everything from cars to computers to medical bills, these new businesses - backed by some well-known financial industry players - have moved in, leading low-income consumers into a potentially unending cycle of debt.moreless
    • 20,000 Cuts a Day
      20,000 Cuts a Day
      Episode 0716
      The Charlotte Observer investigates the human costs of feeding America's appetite for poultry.
    • As Likely As Not
      As Likely As Not
      Episode 0401
      Charlie Wolf spent most of his adult life as a chemical engineer in nuclear defense, working on top secret government projects, quietly, he says, fighting America's fight in the Cold War. But after being diagnosed with multiple brain tumors, Charlie found himself in the fight of his life - not only against his illness, but against the government he believed would always stand beside him.moreless
    • The People's Sheriff
      The People's Sheriff
      Episode 0327
      This week on Exposé: Maricopa County, Arizona -- including Phoenix and beyond, it is one of the largest counties in America. It's known for its good living, warm desert climate, and media-savvy sheriff. For over 16 years, Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been known for his tough approach to crime. But it is only recently that the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office has made a huge effort to combat illegal immigration, partnering with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) under a law that grants local sheriff's deputies authority to enforce federal immigration law. And when reporters Ryan Gabrielson and Paul Giblin of the East Valley Tribune took a closer look at the immigration efforts of the Sheriff's Office, they discovered that other services were suffering as a result.moreless
    • Chemistry War Zone, Updated
      This week on Exposé: a new web-exclusive update. In November 2007, reporters from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published a series entitled "Chemical Fallout," which took a hard look at the debate over the safety of Bisphenol A (BPA) -- a chemical found in many everyday products that has been shown to cause health problems in lab animals. The investigation would reveal that the federal government's assurances that BPA is safe were "based on outdated, incomplete government studies and research heavily funded by the chemical industry." But the scrutiny didn't end there.moreless
    • Promises, Promises
      Promises, Promises
      Episode 0109
      The Seattle Times is on the trail again, following the money to see if Congress has kept its promise to come clean on earmarks.
    • Cash Cows and Cowboy Starter Kits
      Reporters from The Washington Post track farm subsidies from 2001 to 2006 totaling more than $95 billion.
    • Mr. Heath Goes to Washington
      Seattle Times reporter David Heath investigates defense bill earmarks by members of Congress.
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