Season 1 Episode 11

A New World

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Sep 03, 2014 on CBS

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  • Isn't he?

    Alien babies or not, I think Steven Spielberg should have given more credit to Goran Visnjic. He is the father after all, isn't he?
  • The Ethan story is better.

    Ethan is implanted with a bomb! The alien baby storyline is just rubbish! The Ethan story is better.
  • i fear

    I fear that this is a nother Lost series, absolutely no answers and just 2 episodes left. We need lots of closure in the last 2 episodes, they cant leave everything unanswered for NeXT season, thats What Lost did, and we ended up With a show tihout ending. Still very good sepisode.
  • Losing momentum

    Think the show is losing pace. Acting ropey in places. Too many mistakes and conveniences, like the picture of the brown car. I'm not longer invested in the characters and don't care for them. In places it's quality and then in the next scene it's very amateurish. I've committed to seeing the season out, but fail to see where the story is going past the next 2-3 episodes.
  • A New World

    At least we finally got some explanation in that episode. That aspect of the show has been long overdue, but this was just too over the top and goofy for my liking.
  • Really enjoyed it!

    Another really good episode tonight in which the storyline progresses nicely and the game developed really well with Yasumoto's intentions coming to the fore as well as a nice little background story, while Molly closes in, and Odin makes a big move.

    Things are looking very interesting heading into the last couple of episodes!

    That last scene was a little bizarre, but I am curious to see where it leads...

    All up, a great hour!