Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jul 09, 2014 on CBS

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  • Awsome pilot

    Great setup wich looks to be a great show, cant wait for more. Great acting, lots of story building too. Lots of questions, like what the hell is going on lol. Love it.
  • This could go either way

    This could go either way, while not quite exciting enough for a pilot, the creepy android kid could get really good!
  • Intriguing start!

    A pretty interesting concept which I am excited to see develop. I thought the premiere was really interesting - introduced the core parts of the storyline well and there are two parts to it - Halle Berry's character and what happened in space, and her husband's plans for artificial human intelligence...

    It is an interesting idea and a good start! I am very excited to see where it will go - I look forward to it!
  • Pilot

    I was excited for the premiere of Extant. A somewhat unique concept (Rosemary's Baby meets Invasion meets Artificial Intelligence?) but everything felt a bit drawn out. The "big" scene on the shuttle with the meeting between human and alien was solid, but underwhelming.

    I think this show has potential, but while enjoyable, this premiere wasn't as good as it could have been.
  • i love you Halle but i want those 45minutes of my life back

    i m not sure in which direction they are many questions on why i should watch a second episode and what i should expect

    Annie Wersching had like 2 lines but i guess she will play a bigger role?

    my favorite part (sarcasm)

    Don't trust

    "Who?" Molly asks.
  • Intriguing

    In my opinion it was quite a strong way to start a new series. Perhaps too many questions were opened if I can put it this way. I find one question especially interesting: Artificial Intelligence (AI), its evolution, humanity of AI entities. Wasn't Battle Star Gallactica all about it? I don't think Extant will go in that direction, but humanity of machines will be a recurring theme. The title "Extant" suggests a few main themes to me: the show will be about those who survived some catastrophe, or the human race that is going to survive an alien or AI apocalypse, or an alien race that exists for millennia and comes to earth. Hope for the second option.

    Any other possibilities?