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  • Disappointed

    Used to love this show and Mario and these 2 girls are fine, but the problem is the show overall of hearing about all the Kardashians,like really? Ugh. Disappointed of also how biased the show is for Americans voting in this election. Movie stars aren't all "it" The show is disrespecting their independent and republican to be only in favor of democrats. Not fair. In view of how awful the state of our country is in, let alone how pathetic and poor the shape of our military is in, how are we to defend ourselves probably. How are we to protect ourselves against Terrorism? Hypocrisy as our Democratic contender is, is not a person to do it. Don't be biased, be fair. So sick of it all, especially noted in your Extra show yesterday. We'd have to stop watching, unless you become fairer.
  • Could be better

    Good show and Mario Lopez is a doll. But would it kill Jerry to get Cathriona Whites name right? He keeps calling her Katrina. Get the name right Jerry! It's not hard. Idiot.
  • Usual bland gossip show

    Mario Lopez sort of compliments it. Various content.

    Various ep (02-14) NBC
  • Extra staff not the same as they appear

    Stayed there for the entire live TV prep (universal studios) and they were rude never gave me my present they promised but the guy was looking at young girls so disappointed
  • Win Win

    Beauty is the secret word to win the Eyeliner :)

  • yuck! too much

    they are always talking about the Kardashians
  • sell outs

    This tv show production company is on Kris Jenners pay role
  • This Is About the Wal-mart Truck driver

    Wal-Mart is just as much at fault for not keep track of their driver log that show how many hours a driver can drive, My husband works as a driver and keep's log book's that dictate how long he can drive. By law a driver of a commercial vehicle can only drive a max of 10 hrs per day then they have to rest. This man and Wal-Mart disregarded those rule for what ever reason, they are both should be held responsible for the accident. and it is not just wal-mart it is bus company's they all know the hours there drivers drive but they push the drivers to keep going or lose their jobs and they all work to pay bills it is also drivers need to stand there ground but if they don't do what is asked they lose their job's so whom is at fault company's or driver's my husband is a driver and he say they both at fault so we as consumers and people on the road need to speak up bars are now held accountable for a drunk driver leaving their bar's then the trucking company's and bus company's should be our family's are out there we all need to come together it so bad to see these company's putting the accidents on the drivers when they could prevent allot of it but they want to blame drivers all the time i need to here from all that is concerned please tell me your concern with this email and tell your friend's to respond.
  • Kardashians

    On every one of your shows you have something about the Kardashians, who cares! They are no talented, sensationalists, are they paying for your show, I can't understand why you give them so MUCH airtime!

    I am at the point to watch sometime on any channel to get away from them!
  • Extra if you go to far or demons part is demonic you you so you me be!

    I am whole hearted in what ever Jenny Aniston wants to do will let monkeys and if it need be tripped don't watch much if and don't even ask it is top secret or holy faith. I like Justin and a tender wondering if he finally got that Zor and Lord in the woods girl worried about Zadoc and a coin for the Champian Jesus and easy on Moses worried about the Greek and well Zodiac won't cut it with alter ways. Sorry just caught a peice and hell no I really am a deity and best be with Jenny and Justin they more than have my blessing to Quote Jerry Seignfeld in regards to knowing Don't Think So!"
  • To much Info

    Love my Extra but tonight you blew the Bachelor for me by revealing who Sean chooses before

    I get to watch the finale...

    Shame on you!!
  • Obamas program for re-election

    Hey guys, have always enjoyed your program however I have become extremely incensed at your agenda to promote the presidents re-election. Come on, get serious! Your show is to highlight Hollywood gossip not a political agenda. Frankly, your abuse of air time for his campaign is a disgrace and an underhanded political contribution!
  • Flapping wardrobe malfunction

    Hey, Mario the episode on now *8-17-2012. Your collar seemed to be flapping in the wind, a few strips of well placed apparel tape could fix that. Just a little fashion advice! Love ya. Tracy of ILLINOIS.
  • Gabbys Mom

    If you ever!!! talk about someone mom like that again when she has busted her tail and put everything she had into raising her family and her little girl gets a gold medal and you have to talk about her bankruptcy???? SHAME ON YOU!! you are pathetic!!!
  • Mario..it may not be only Seal's fault

    I just watched your show talking about Seal, and you mentioning that maybe his anger could be a factor, and Dr. Drew commenting that

    "Either the one with anger goes to therapy, or the other person gets tired of it."

    What if you two are totally wrong?

    Has anyone even though that Heidi could be at fault?

    That maybe she is the jealous type, and maybe he has gotten tired of it?

    Or maybe Heidi is not as affectionate as we think she is, that she hold back.

    For in many shots you have shown, it is Seal reaching to kiss Heidi, and many

    times she didn't kiss back, or even poise her cheek to receive the kiss.

    And that is why they have grown apart?

    I just wanted to write, for there is always two sides to a story, and you seem

    to have kept to one opinion.

    Thankyou for listening.
  • This show is awful, it's painful to watch as well.

    It's funny how these people's whole lives are spent leaching off of celebrities, and kissing up to them. They knock people like the Papparazzi, who are bad even if the attention starved celebrities do like it sometimes, yet that is what they arem. It's cheap tabloid TV, I hate to sound like one of those people who say look what this country is coming to but... well if this is the type of show people watch, that is very sad. I feel bad for the people who work at this type of show, wouldn't they want to do seriously journalism, or maybe they are smart because they bascially are like real broadcast journalists, which says how bad broadcast journalism has gotten. I'm not saying we shouldn't watch anything with celebrities and stuff, but they need to know everything about these people, deep down they are like you and me, except possibly more screwed up.
  • The dust up at Grey's!

    Ok, ok…now that the screaming Godless, liberal-left politically correct mindless bimbos and bimbi have all chimed-in… it’s time to let this all go quickly away! Of course no one should hate, and that’s not what’s going on here, Mr. Washington is one heck of one of the very, very few solidly good African American actors that is seemingly a principled man with life standards that are actually representative of a viable, useful substance. So what he doesn’t by into the Hollywood mentality of the pantiless, accept any and everything booze hounding freaks that all probably believe that their kids should first be on the team just because he showed-up and that they should also get a trophy just for being on the team, whether the kids deserving of either or not! T.R Knight acts as though no one who viewed show from the start couldn’t tell he was gay give us a break; he’s much worse and twice as annoying as the George Costanza character! Now this mess will be blown even more out of proportion on Ellen and in magazines and any and every where else the homosexual community can get their ounces of flesh from Mr. Washington! Personally, T.R. Knight does indeed seem to act like a compulsively blinking, overly whiney yappy little wimp that needs to be slapped; heck even if he’s gay BE A MAN!
  • A good show

    "Extra" is the least of the three daily show on the entertainment world. I saw "Extra" fpr the first time last year when a local television station pick up the show. I saw It and even though It wasn't as good as either "Entertainment tonight" and ""Access:Hollywood," it was well wroth it. the only thing I didn't like about the show is having celebrities utter "
    Extra! Extra!" To me, it got a littl annoying. But beside that I lkie the show. The local television station that air it remove the show and I was back with "Entertainment Tonight!" 7:30 p.m. is the only time for entertainment news, however E! News ran at 7:00 p.m.
  • Decent show. Good for just listening to and not having to think a lot. Usually has good information.

    Generally overall this show does a good job, but I was floored as I was watching this weekend's show. In the section where they announce the dvds newly released. The announcer was talking about a new collection about The Dick Cavett, and he said that Betty Davis was Bette Midler!!! What the freak? That's just wrong! Sorry, Davis is a much bigger icon then Midler! Nothin' personal Bette Midler.
  • Simply - Extra is your tipical tabloid show. But, I do enjoy it.

    'll confess - even though I think it's pathetic and a bit sad, I do follow the lives of celebrities, to some extent. Extra, although I find it no different from the other shows of it's kind, it is informative and somewhat interesting. It's just that kind of show you can flick on when nothing else is on to watch. Easy to watch and follow. No brain activity required and it gives you a head start on the "water cooler" discussion.