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  • The dust up at Grey's!

    Ok, ok…now that the screaming Godless, liberal-left politically correct mindless bimbos and bimbi have all chimed-in… it’s time to let this all go quickly away! Of course no one should hate, and that’s not what’s going on here, Mr. Washington is one heck of one of the very, very few solidly good African American actors that is seemingly a principled man with life standards that are actually representative of a viable, useful substance. So what he doesn’t by into the Hollywood mentality of the pantiless, accept any and everything booze hounding freaks that all probably believe that their kids should first be on the team just because he showed-up and that they should also get a trophy just for being on the team, whether the kids deserving of either or not! T.R Knight acts as though no one who viewed show from the start couldn’t tell he was gay give us a break; he’s much worse and twice as annoying as the George Costanza character! Now this mess will be blown even more out of proportion on Ellen and in magazines and any and every where else the homosexual community can get their ounces of flesh from Mr. Washington! Personally, T.R. Knight does indeed seem to act like a compulsively blinking, overly whiney yappy little wimp that needs to be slapped; heck even if he’s gay BE A MAN!
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