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  • This show is awful, it's painful to watch as well.

    It's funny how these people's whole lives are spent leaching off of celebrities, and kissing up to them. They knock people like the Papparazzi, who are bad even if the attention starved celebrities do like it sometimes, yet that is what they arem. It's cheap tabloid TV, I hate to sound like one of those people who say look what this country is coming to but... well if this is the type of show people watch, that is very sad. I feel bad for the people who work at this type of show, wouldn't they want to do seriously journalism, or maybe they are smart because they bascially are like real broadcast journalists, which says how bad broadcast journalism has gotten. I'm not saying we shouldn't watch anything with celebrities and stuff, but they need to know everything about these people, deep down they are like you and me, except possibly more screwed up.