Season 2 Episode 7

Christmas Special

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 27, 2007 on BBC Two

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  • A Comedy Episode which has the ability to move the viewer as well as make them laugh is what is turns it from a good comedy to a classic

    The British nation is obsessed with Celebrity tittle tattle and Merchant and Gervais turn their last ever episode of this sitcom into a thought provoking and moving comment on the shallowness of the Big Brother and X Factor fed society.

    Its not an episode that will please all devotees but it goes out with a big bang. Like the final ever episode of Blackadder Goes Forth here was an ending to a sitcom with a sad but poignant message. Well done to all concerned with this episode.

    The fact that these writers can command the biggest A Listers to some and send themselves up - Clive Owen, George Michael to name but two - is a testament to how much th ewriting is highly regarded