Season 2 Episode 7

Christmas Special

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 27, 2007 on BBC Two

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  • A perfectly constructed sleight at fame. The conclusion of this groundbreaking series is at once hilarious, powerful and resonant. All engines firing on the comedy and drama front.

    Ricky Gervais' comedy about the struggles of an aspiring actor has always provided an unequaled insight into the hard slog of performance life and Gervais' has concluded this acclaimed series with one of the most entertaining finales I have witnessed. Both the philisophical and comedic engines are at full throttle and this Christmas Special has the feel of a film and the power of one too. It's somewhat ironic that this is a Christmas Special as such 'tv events' are often gimmicky and redundant addendum's to completed series or cynical ratings driven exercises, this episode actually adds to the series and is a finely sculpted encapsulation of the series as a whole it is both tradgedy and comedy in equal measure. Gervais' in his usual self referential and hyper aware style makes reference to the abhorrence of most of these Xmas specials and the makes clear through Andy his feelings about shows that become predictable and overstay their welcome in this way illuminating his own struggles with shows such as The Office and Extras. Gervais is renound for his dislike for pursuing fame for the sake of fame and continuing tv series for the sake of money and/or fame and this episode pronounces these sentiments with verve. It is a wake up call for those obsessed with attaining the celebrity lifestyle, and a kick in the teeth for those vacuous enough to enjoy watching the celebrity circus, a reminder that we are all responsible for the perpetuation of the cruel lie of fame, and it's empty promises are of our own making as much as the media, and corporate suits.