Season 2 Episode 7

Christmas Special

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 27, 2007 on BBC Two



  • Trivia

    • Karl Pilkington, Ricky and Stephen's podcast companion, makes an appearance: He is the fan with the black jacket outside Ivy, who rejects the autograph.

  • Quotes

    • Andy: At least nip to the kitchen, make me a cheese sandwich, you cook.
      Gordon Ramsay: Cock. Haven't you had enough cheese sandwiches, fat boy?
      Andy: Oh, you round puffy-faced git!
      Gordon Ramsay: You catchphrase shouting wig-wearing wannabe!
      Andy: You publicity hungry failed footballing fuck!
      Gordon Ramsay: You're a has been! Go home!
      Andy: You think you're so hard, don't you 'cause you shout at people who work in kitchens? Who works in kitchens? Ooh, women and gays. Oh, and the French! You're well hard.
      Gordon Ramsay: Let's just leave it at that, shall we? I don't want to get into a fight. I heard your girdle can explode at any minute.

    • Maggie: Any jobs going?
      Agent: Not really, no. I mean, aside from the extensive training needed, we are a bit overstaffed. I think the only way there would be a vacancy is if one of these guys got an acting job.
      Barry: Or if one of us dies.
      Dean: That is more likely.
      Barry: Statistically, yes.

    • Andy: To the general public, there is no difference between me and that (Ray) Doll.
      Agent: What? Little, fat ugly thing - Pathetic?

    • Barry: Kids can be cruel, eh?
      Agent: Yeah, they can.
      Barry: What do they say?
      Agent: You know what they say.
      Barry: What: "lanky four-eyed twat"?
      Agent: Yeah.
      Barry: "Weirdo, goggle-eyed geek"?
      Agent: Sometimes.
      Barry: "Frankenstein's albino gonk".
      Agent: I never heard that one.

    • Andy: [Discussing 'The Ray Doll'] Oh, thank God for the exploitation of 10-year-old children.
      Agent: Absolutely. And the funny thing is, of course, is that's your key demographic!

    • Maggie: Where are we going?
      Andy: Somewhere where no-one cares who I am.
      Maggie: Back to the Ivy, then?
      Andy: Seriously, somewhere where no-one knows who me.
      Maggie: Hollywood?

    • Bunny: Andy Millman!
      Andy: Hello, Bunny. What are you doing?
      Bunny: Waiting.
      Andy: Waiting? For what?
      Bunny: Cock.
      Andy: Yeah, it's never too early for that is it?

  • Notes

    • In the United States version of this episode, the doll which the store manager showcases with 2 of the person's (in)famous quotes is a replica of Kramer from Seinfeld; In the UK version, the doll which the store manager showcases with 2 of the person's (in)famous quotes is a replica of Jade Goody.

    • In the U.K. version of this episode, the last T-Shirt displayed after the the Ray, Gobbler and Mr. Yamaguchi shirt, depicts Victoria Wood with the phrase: A.S.D.A.! on it. In the United States version of this episode, the last T-Shirt displayed is of Sigourney Weaver with an advertisement for DirecTv.

    • This episode premièred on the HBO network in the United States on December 16th, 2007, and aired in the UK for the first time some eleven days later.

  • Allusions

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