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Season 1 Episode 1

Episode 1: Ben Stiller

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jul 21, 2005 on BBC Two
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Episode Summary

Andy is an extra on the set of a movie about the Balkans conflict, which is being directed by, Ben Stiller. As Andy attempts to win himself a speaking role by befriending Goran, [the Croatian man whose story is being told], he is drawn into the friction that has developed between Stiller and Goran.moreless

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  • "If I blew your mom's face off in front of you... would that make you laugh?!"

    Ben Stiller plays this part perfect, I think he really gets British humor. There is a lot of the awkward humor which is really well written. I really have no idea how he got Ben to play this part as it makes him look like a complete dick. The episode is well paced and the ending is pure brilliance.
  • was that ending ment to be funny? i don't know u where in it

    man i hated the office and man do i hate extars. The ending was so bad it was bad finshing some one just had to go up to ben any more of that your off the flim that would have been so much better if any was like that on one of my flims set they be off.
  • Not one of my favorites.

    Andy, Greg and Maggie are all extras on the set of a film being directed by Ben Stiller. Ben Stiller is in rare form throughout this episode - shameless self promotion, bragging about how much money his films have made, flaunting in regards to what Hollywood women he has had sexual contact with. The movie is meant to depict the Balkans conflict. As Andy attempts to win himself a speaking role by befriending Goran, the Croatian man whose story is being told, he is drawn into the controversy between Stiller and Goran as the picture proceeds. Ben Stiller terribly overacts in this episode, but I think that was the whole point.moreless
  • laugh out loud...

    So the part where Ben Stiller was going on and on about how great his movies were was very funny. The part when he was yelling at the kid about laughing and threatening to kill his mom was over the top, but worked for Ben. I am glad I learned the new technique of how to get out of plans. Ask when they are, repeat the date and then say that there is some family member coming into town. Second step – if they are invited to tag along say that they are coming into town because they are sick. Brilliant.moreless
  • A good start for this show.

    This series reminds me of "The Office" in some ways, especially the feeling you get by the Ricky Gervais-character Andy Millman, a kind of embarrassment on his behalf. This seems to be the kind of character that suits Ricky Gervais perfectly.

    Ashley Jensen plays the character Maggie Jacobs, Andy's friend and co-extra.

    She seems like a naive and kind of dumb woman.

    This episode's guest star is Ben Stiller, one of my personal favourite comedian actors. In this show he's a director, an arrogant braggart who always seems to know best, because he played in cash-successes as "Meet the Parents", and have made out with the likes of Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore.

    My favourite scene in this episode was the last one, where Ben Stiller argues with his staff.

    This first episode was, in my opinion, a good start for this show, and it didn't scare me away from seeing the second episode.

    Although, I won't recommend you to see this show if you didn't like "The Office", since you have to like that kind of humour to enjoy this show.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Ben Stiller was nominated for an Emmy Award in the United States for his guest starring performance in this episode.

    • Goran approaches Andy towards the end of this episode to tell him that he has been given a line as 'Journalist 2'. After reviewing the scene, Andy tells Goran that 'Journalist 1' has more lines and that he wants that role instead. However, a few moments later he refers to the role that he wants as 'Journalist 2' – which is the role originally given to him.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Goran: No, but this is my story, my memories, my tribute to my dead wife.
      Ben Stiller: Would you stop going on about your fucking dead wife?

    • Ben: How can I cheer up this orphaned kid? By showing him the DVD of Dodgeball? Well, sure, then he'll be happy for an hour and a half, but what then? Do I show him Dodgeball again? Of course, he'll get more out of it, because he'll spot new things the second time round. It's layered - it's written that way. But how many times can I show him Dodgeball? Seven, eight, maybe. Then what?

    • Goran [showing photographs]: My wife, again.
      Andy: Oh, I shouldn't look at that, was she sunbathing?
      Goran: No, she is dead. Lying in the street.
      Andy: Oh, I see now. Why did you...
      Goran: Why did I take photograph of her?
      Andy: Yeah...
      Goran: To show the world what must be shown. This is why I want film to be made by Ben Stiller.
      Andy: Ben Stiller of Zoolander? Sure.
      Goran [forcing the photograph]: You look - dead, naked, you look.
      Andy: I am, but I'm only looking at her dead, naked face. Where did you get these developed?

    • Andy: Bye, nerd.
      Ben Stiller: Oh I'm a nerd?
      Andy: Yeah.
      Ben Stiller: I'm a nerd! I've, I've kissed, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore. I er... slapped Jennifer Aniston's butt...
      Maggie: In films.
      Ben Stiller: Still counts.

    • Ben Stiller: Who are you?
      Andy: Nobody.
      Ben Stiller: What's that? Who?
      Andy: Nobody.
      Ben Stiller: That's right. Nobody. Yeah, and who am I?
      Andy: It's either Starsky or Hutch, I can never remember.
      Ben Stiller: Was that supposed to be funny?
      Andy: You tell me, you were in it.

    • Andy: Never get involved with a man whose wife's been murdered.
      Maggie: That's awful! Why?
      Andy: Well, for one, he's not gonna be a barrel of laughs.

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