Season 1 Episode 1

Episode 1: Ben Stiller

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jul 21, 2005 on BBC Two

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  • "If I blew your mom's face off in front of you... would that make you laugh?!"

    Ben Stiller plays this part perfect, I think he really gets British humor. There is a lot of the awkward humor which is really well written. I really have no idea how he got Ben to play this part as it makes him look like a complete dick. The episode is well paced and the ending is pure brilliance.
  • was that ending ment to be funny? i don't know u where in it

    man i hated the office and man do i hate extars. The ending was so bad it was bad finshing some one just had to go up to ben any more of that your off the flim that would have been so much better if any was like that on one of my flims set they be off.
  • Not one of my favorites.

    Andy, Greg and Maggie are all extras on the set of a film being directed by Ben Stiller. Ben Stiller is in rare form throughout this episode - shameless self promotion, bragging about how much money his films have made, flaunting in regards to what Hollywood women he has had sexual contact with. The movie is meant to depict the Balkans conflict. As Andy attempts to win himself a speaking role by befriending Goran, the Croatian man whose story is being told, he is drawn into the controversy between Stiller and Goran as the picture proceeds. Ben Stiller terribly overacts in this episode, but I think that was the whole point.
  • laugh out loud...

    So the part where Ben Stiller was going on and on about how great his movies were was very funny. The part when he was yelling at the kid about laughing and threatening to kill his mom was over the top, but worked for Ben. I am glad I learned the new technique of how to get out of plans. Ask when they are, repeat the date and then say that there is some family member coming into town. Second step – if they are invited to tag along say that they are coming into town because they are sick. Brilliant.
  • A good start for this show.

    This series reminds me of "The Office" in some ways, especially the feeling you get by the Ricky Gervais-character Andy Millman, a kind of embarrassment on his behalf. This seems to be the kind of character that suits Ricky Gervais perfectly.

    Ashley Jensen plays the character Maggie Jacobs, Andy's friend and co-extra.
    She seems like a naive and kind of dumb woman.

    This episode's guest star is Ben Stiller, one of my personal favourite comedian actors. In this show he's a director, an arrogant braggart who always seems to know best, because he played in cash-successes as "Meet the Parents", and have made out with the likes of Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore.

    My favourite scene in this episode was the last one, where Ben Stiller argues with his staff.

    This first episode was, in my opinion, a good start for this show, and it didn't scare me away from seeing the second episode.
    Although, I won't recommend you to see this show if you didn't like "The Office", since you have to like that kind of humour to enjoy this show.
  • This is a good pilot, and has a re-watch value

    I've heard that some people were dissapointed with this first show of extras but the problem is if you watch 'Extras' to see Ricky play David Brent then you're going to be dissapointed.

    Ben Stiller is great in this, I'm not a fan of any of his movies but I always find he does great work when guest starring on tv shows (ie Arrested Development-Sword Of Destiny). Ben Still making fun of himself and being made fun of is what makes this episode. Ricky has some good lines and over all this is a show worth checking but like I said before, don't expect to see The Office and you'll probably enjoy it too.
  • A pleasant surprise. From start to finish, this first episode was surprisingly funny. It typically takes more than one season for a comedy to really get it's legs and be this good. Merchant and Gervais have hit the ground running and delivered a very funn

    So often when someone has a hit, they tend to stick to what works and just do more of the same. With the huge success of "The Office", it would be easy to simply re-package the concept, slap a new title on it and wait for the money to roll in. That would be the safe thing to do. That might not make for good television, but it would be safe. Lucky for us that's NOT what Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant have done with their new show "Extras".

    For starters, it's clear that our lead character, Andy Millman, isn't the fop that David Brent was. Andy is sharp, quick and knows exactly what he wants - a line in a movie. With that motivation in mind, it's clear that Andy will stop at nothing, to try and get it. He has no shame and it's a good thing, but it makes what he does VERY funny.

    However this isn't a one man show. Gervais' co-star is Ashley Jensen who plays Maggie Jacobs. She too wants to get a line in a movie and plays the perfect sidekick. Andy is sharp, quick and aware of what's going on. Maggie on the other hand is a little off the mark and just a little bit clueless. She's sweet and wonderful, but she plays the perfect foil for Andy. They are a great team together and you get the sense that they truly do have a history together.

    Of course some of the same elements from "The Office" can be found in "Extras", most notably the awkward, uncomfortable scenes. In "The Office", it was Gervais that was the reason for the awkwardness. With "Extras" it's the stars themselves that are the cause and it works SO much better. Having the stars make fun of themselves is brilliant.

    My favorite scene from the pilot had to be the final scene with Ben Stiller
    as he tries to keep the respect of the cast and crew after insulting the movie's creator Goran. It's some of the best humor of the whole episode.

    Ben Stiller: Who are you?
    Andy: Nobody.
    Ben Stiller: What was that? Who?
    Andy: Nobody.
    Ben Stiller: That's right. Nobody. Yeah, and who am I?
    Andy: It's either Starsky or Hutch. I can't ever remember.
    Ben Stiller: Was that supposed to be funny?
    Andy: You tell me. You were in it.

    From start to finish, this first episode was surprisingly funny. It typically takes more than one season for a comedy to really get it's legs and be this good. Merchant and Gervais have hit the ground running and delivered a very funny new show. With the ever changing stars and new sets, this series should continue to be fresh and exciting and I can't wait for the next episode.
  • Gervais gives us his replacement for the Office and it is good

    Well Ricky Gervais has surely done it again any fans of his other sitcom the Office should definetly keep an eye on this new show. Even without the goatee Andy the "extra with aspirations" still has some of David Brent inside. The confrontation between Andy and Ben Stiller is razor sharp and side splittingly funny. It also shows Gervais' universal appeal in that he is able to get such large celebrities to lampoon themselves and their careers. If the rest of the series can continue in this rich vein of comedic gold, Extra's will be up there with The Office in no time.