Season 1 Episode 1

Episode 1: Ben Stiller

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jul 21, 2005 on BBC Two



  • Trivia

    • Ben Stiller was nominated for an Emmy Award in the United States for his guest starring performance in this episode.

    • Goran approaches Andy towards the end of this episode to tell him that he has been given a line as 'Journalist 2'. After reviewing the scene, Andy tells Goran that 'Journalist 1' has more lines and that he wants that role instead. However, a few moments later he refers to the role that he wants as 'Journalist 2' – which is the role originally given to him.

  • Quotes

    • Goran: No, but this is my story, my memories, my tribute to my dead wife.
      Ben Stiller: Would you stop going on about your fucking dead wife?

    • Ben: How can I cheer up this orphaned kid? By showing him the DVD of Dodgeball? Well, sure, then he'll be happy for an hour and a half, but what then? Do I show him Dodgeball again? Of course, he'll get more out of it, because he'll spot new things the second time round. It's layered - it's written that way. But how many times can I show him Dodgeball? Seven, eight, maybe. Then what?

    • Goran [showing photographs]: My wife, again.
      Andy: Oh, I shouldn't look at that, was she sunbathing?
      Goran: No, she is dead. Lying in the street.
      Andy: Oh, I see now. Why did you...
      Goran: Why did I take photograph of her?
      Andy: Yeah...
      Goran: To show the world what must be shown. This is why I want film to be made by Ben Stiller.
      Andy: Ben Stiller of Zoolander? Sure.
      Goran [forcing the photograph]: You look - dead, naked, you look.
      Andy: I am, but I'm only looking at her dead, naked face. Where did you get these developed?

    • Andy: Bye, nerd.
      Ben Stiller: Oh I'm a nerd?
      Andy: Yeah.
      Ben Stiller: I'm a nerd! I've, I've kissed, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore. I er... slapped Jennifer Aniston's butt...
      Maggie: In films.
      Ben Stiller: Still counts.

    • Ben Stiller: Who are you?
      Andy: Nobody.
      Ben Stiller: What's that? Who?
      Andy: Nobody.
      Ben Stiller: That's right. Nobody. Yeah, and who am I?
      Andy: It's either Starsky or Hutch, I can never remember.
      Ben Stiller: Was that supposed to be funny?
      Andy: You tell me, you were in it.

    • Andy: Never get involved with a man whose wife's been murdered.
      Maggie: That's awful! Why?
      Andy: Well, for one, he's not gonna be a barrel of laughs.

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