Season 2 Episode 1

Episode 1: Orlando Bloom

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 14, 2006 on BBC Two

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    Another season of Extras and the show is off to yet another brilliant start. If every episode is this good I have a feeling this will be a fun few weeks for TV fans.

    One thing Extras does, besides being one of the most hilarious shows in television history, is that they bring in A list stars. 30 Rock has nabbed some big names, but Orlando Bloom, Kate Winslet, Ben Stiller, Robert De Niro? They haven't gotten those names yet (although I would love to see it.)

    Bloom was hilarious here and really did not phone in his role. His mocking Johnny Depp was excellent, and the idea of Maggie turning him down was even funnier. Nice episode here.
  • Another wonderful installment. How I miss this show..

    There are a couple of reasons why this episode, in my opinion, is highly regarded as one of the best in the series. I seem to be able ('able' is not the appropriate term) to decipher what episodes people prefer because of the 'Star' in the episode, not based on any of the writing and/or material. And that is fine, because this show never fails to entertain. Orlando Bloom does do an excellent job in this episode. Cheers to him on that. His belittling of Johnny Depp is hysterical, and seeing him as a narcissistic junkie is wonderful. Andy has finally met the day when his show, 'When the Whistle Blows' is going to premiere. After many reflections on what he truly wants out of life, as being an artist, he knows that the script for the show (and, for that matter, the entire show) is not the show he intended to make, and is having serious questions about whether or not he should proceed. After a marvelous scene with Shaun Williamson ('Barry'), in which Barry tells Andy about what had happened to him when he was involved with his popular show, Andy proclaims that 'he cannot do this.' He points out Barry as his example of a man who 'stuck to his wits,' a man of character and integrity. At this very scene, Andy pats Shaun on the back and, out of his jacket, all of the complimentary food for the cast & crew of the show spills out. Andy gives into the ultimatum given to him by Iain, and allows the show to 'go on.' I adore this show. Everything about it. This is another spectacular episode. I adore them all - with one exception - the Ben Stiller episode. But that is just because HE is in it. The writing and acting by our main characters, Andy (Ricky), Darren (Stephen) and Maggie (Ashley) are always in the most magnificent form.
  • Orlando Bloom is making a new movie and lucky maggie is an extra on it! He likes her, she doesn't like him. Funniest of them all!

    Hahahahahaha this was the funniest one of all times. First of all, Andy has to dress up as a complete loon with a stupid wig and glasses and that person just never does it right. Always gets it wrong. Then the fun really starts when total hottie Orlando Bloom appears. Ashley Jensen is soooo damn lucky for getting to do that episode i am actually quite jelous of her! lol if Orlando came up to me and liked me......hell i would so get with him!! He is so hot and is really funny in this episode. I just hope that he isnt really like that in real life!!
  • Funny

    It was hilarious to see how hung up Orlando Bloom is on how sexy he is. I loved how he became so distraught when Maggie didn't find him sexy and told him women only like him because he's a famous actor. This show is becoming one of my favorites. I hope that they will add more seasons, instead of stopping after 2!
  • Extras, is the sit-com for all sit-coms. The British style of “nothing I say should be funny but rarely isn’t” writing is the reason I love finding shows like these. Read this review and others at www.mikeontv.com

    The show is far more advanced than traditional comedies and the on-set setting is a precursor to shows like Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Sure I can have a laugh (am I having a laugh?) at shows like My name is Earl and The Office or even How I met Your Mother, but the true feeling of comedy comes from British shows like Extras or Green Wing or Chef!.

    There is a sense of love for comedy and the struggle of comedy that I feel when watching this show especially. Scenes like on-set explosion about the script he wrote and how it is being made a mockery of by the studio is a great ramble that I could see myself having if being put in a similar situation. Yet after seeing Barry and his current situation I think we would all find ourselves putting on silly glasses a couple nights a week. Just so that everyone there could ‘have a laugh’.

    I love the comparisons of human torture between and Maggie. In one situation Maggie must absorb a lashing of truths about herself from a successful ‘friend’. A little later sits through a heavy dose of stupidity and discrimination. But in return we see both stars giving it back in a different way.

    Episodes like these are built with the humor not being the punch line but yet something that shouldn’t be funny. Isn’t it nice to see Orlando Bloom sucking up to Orlando Bloom and then facing rejection from Maggie. The same rejection she was feeling when talking with Kimberly.

    I only review shows that I enjoy. I may not enjoy every episode, but when I like a show I look forward to the next episode. But with Extras, I know that I will soak up every second with the ‘towel of delight’. You will hear about it soon after. Read this review and others at www.mikeontv.com
  • Great start

    Orlando Bloom taking the piss out of himself is top stuff, very funny and works very well. I felt some of the guests in season 1 became caricatures not really related to who they are in real life. Keith Chegwin kind of fell into that category in this episode, but he's often so annoying I'm glad they got the opportunity to make fun of him.

    The Lenny Henry bit got me genuinely laughing out loud, which doesn't happen to me so often these days. It worked so well because I was shouting Lenny's name at the screen, and the timing of the joke was perfect.

    Also the end was so sad, I really felt sorry for him.
  • In a way, there is almost more drama than comedy here. But it's all worthwhile.

    First, as this is labeled as a comedy, I must say that the laughs are definately there in quality and quantity. Along with long lasting smiles punctuated with smirks. All the jokes hits and Orlando Bloom is having a blast lampooning himself. Since this is Ricky Gervais, the cringe factor is as high as ever as people disrespect each other and put their feet in their mouth like there is no tomorrow.
    But I didn't expect that much drama. The ever present sad clown archetype has just gotten more concrete. And the producer vs. creator drama felt authentic.
    Where the genius resides is that comedy, cringe and deep sadness just flow together in a coherent and well balanced manner, vibrating with the strongest message I discerned from Ricky's work this far.
    He delivers his punchline again and again, arrives backstage, removes his funny glasses and you can tell he feels used and dirty and my eyes are getting wet as I type. That's how powerful that is.
  • Maggie is on set with Orlando Bloom but doesn't fancy him, to his annoyance. Andy's new sitcom is getting ready to roll but he's having second thoughts.

    Excellent return.

    Orlando Bloom is brilliant as the vain movie star. He gets frustrated that Maggie doesn\'t fancy him. He starts slagging off Johnny Depp too. Very funny.

    You feel really sorry for Andy though. Having to sacrifice all his dignity to make a crappy version of his dream. He didn\'t want a studio audience, he didn\'t want a stupid catchphrase and he\'s stuck with them all.

    It should get better though. The final scenes are funny and sad in equal measure. But all told this was a great return when it could have gone pear shaped.

    I\'d say the David Bowie will be great.
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