Season 2 Episode 2

Episode 2: David Bowie

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 21, 2006 on BBC Two

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  • hilarious

    This is probably the most funniest episode ever. The best part was seeing David Bowie mocking Andy with song. His song was so funny. Gotta love David :)
  • "mmm betty, the cat's just shat out the worst sitcom of all time"

    This episode is hilarious just for that line. Shaun Pye delivered the line with comedic perfection, proving that his role in this season is just as vital as the last. I've never had this kind of attachment to a tv series before. I feel like I need everyone I know to watch this series just as a public service really. So that other people can experience the joy it brings me every time I watch it.

    In this episode, David Bowie makes a mediocre on-screen cameo, which is quite funny and all but to see the full extent of Bowie's comedic talent you really need to watch the special features on the dvd to see the off-screen interview where he talks about the phrases he has coined over the years with perfect conviction. I didn't even realise he was joking until I really paid attention to what he was saying. David Bowie is hilarious.
  • Andy is finding out that being famous isn't all it's cracked up to be, after getting bad reviews for his sitcom. He and Maggie even try to go to a 'high class' club. Even there he becomes the butt of a joke/song made by David Bowie!

    This is yet another funny episode. It starts out on a laugh when Andy and Maggie walk past a homeless man who asks them for change. Andy, fearing that the homeless man will go to the press gives the man a twenty but askes for change. Ofcourse the man has no change. While hanging out at a pub, Andy runs into some obsessive fans. Wanting to get away from the crazed fan Andy and Maggie go to a 'swanky' club and are surprisingly put in the VIP section. Just as Andy begins to gloat that he is sitting in VIP, David Bowie shows up and Andy is asked to leave the VIP section. After bribing the bouncer Andy and Maggie are allowed back in VIP. The laughs don't stop there. After telling David Bowie about his sitcom... David comes up with a song about Andy, some of the words are 'Pathetic little fat man.' This was a very clever episode. Thru out the entire episode Andy gets terrible reviews from random strangers, even bouncers! I give this one a 10! For all the Laughs!
  • Absolutely Hysterical.

    In this episode, Andy is distraught over the very poor reviews his sitcom, "When the Whistle Blows," has received. He is ashamed that he gave in to producers at the BBC in regards to changing the show from what Andy originally had planned. Darren (Stephen Merchant) and Barry (Shaun Williamson) have an exchange of dialogue in a pub that could possibly be the funniest bit part of the entire series. It will have you on the floor laughing. The 'star' in this episode is David Bowie, who isn't all that involved. In the end, Andy realizes that where he belongs and fits in isn't quite the same as places that David Bowie frequent.
  • Great, but not the best

    I didn't particularly care for this episode like I did the other ones. Again, Andy's agent is hilarious, especially when he can't seem to remember what the name of the sitcom is and actually reads a review for a completely different book/movie (?). I thought that David Bowie would have a bigger part in this episode, like Kate Winslet or Ben Stiller did, but he didn't. But the song he "writes" at the end about Andy is both hilarious and completely random.
  • There is a bit of a change of taste for the second episode in season 2 of Extras. Andy, dealing with his new celebrity, must live through scathing reviews and the sadness of success as his critically acclaimed sitcom gains popularity.

    It’s funny how pathetic Andy can be in both of the two different bar scenes he visits. In the local pub he shrugs the appraise he gets from authentic fans, yet Andy feels he should be valued with more demeanors. So at the more illustrious setting he is ridiculed and tormented by the entire clientele of the lounge during a breakout singing session lead by mega-celebrity David Bowie.

    The episode played fair to the structure we are used to from Extras however there are signs that Maggie is still not feeling on the same level with Andy. Although they both feel the gimmick role he has on his show is a joke, Andy still goes along with it. Maggie looked pretty disgusted when they had to return to the original tavern to entertain the lot of underachievers who truly appreciate Andy’s pitiable character role.

    This game shouldn’t go on much longer (as the title of the show suggest). I predict the staged sitcom ‘When the (Wind) Whistle Blows’ will be canceled in the coming episodes. Keep watching

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  • Andy Millman receives terrible reviews for his sitcom. His reaction is to seek solace from friends and eventually David Bowie but their reactions force him into the arms of the people he despises.

    The problem with Extra\'s is two fold - the legacy of the groundbreaking \'Office\' and the hype surrounding the guest appearances which gives the audience high expectations of how they will be portrayed. If the portrayal is a stereotype (Orlando Bloom) or unbelievable (Ben Stiller), its a disappointment. This episode was the first, in my view, where I was satisfied it was as funny and real as it could be (although I don\'t think Andy would have tolerated Bowies abusivc song for quite as long as he did). Bowie was portrayed in a way that seemed wholly believeable which made the finale even funnier. Of course we like to see celebrities look stupid but if we wanted a cheap laugh we\'d just watch one of the thousand reality shows they infest at the moment. Extra\'s has to add an extra dimension which, on the whole it does, but it does seem inclined to the obvious gag.
    My other criticism would be that it does seem Gervias has a list of taboo\'s which he ticks off as he goes. This week was homelessness, last week we had the famous \'is the BBC still run by Jews and queers line?\'.
    That said, I really enjoyed this particular episode - down to the authenticity which is what Gervais is excellent at, showing when you avoid the obvious, it really pays dividends.