Season 2 Episode 2

Episode 2: David Bowie

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 21, 2006 on BBC Two



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    • Greg: How's your sitcom going?
      Andy: Yeah good, good.
      Greg: The reviews. Very harsh, very harsh. I think I've got one right here. I've been meaning to throw it away.
      Andy: Throw it away then.
      Greg:(finds review in his wallet) Oh no, 'When the whistle blows: As i watched this abysmal time warp comedy, i half expected somebody to shout "I'm free" and for Andy Millman to exclaim: Mmm Betty, the cats just shat out the worst sitcom of all time'

    • [Andy is talking on a mobile to a crazed fan]
      Andy: Oh, Pete, I've gotta go mate, because life's too short.

    • [Maggie is offering suggestions to a distraught Andy about other television shows he could possibly appear on]
      : There's Celebrity Love Island.
      : Why would I do a show that when I watched it, I was praying for a tsunami?

    • [Darren yawns as Andy and he watch an episode of "When the Whistle Blows"]
      Andy: It's bad.
      Darren: It's not bad, is it?
      Andy: It is.
      Darren: No, no. Bad suggests that, you know, it's evil or something. You know it's not.. It's poor. It's rubbish. It's shit. It's a shitcom!
      Andy: It's a shitcom? Well, we've sorted that out then.

    • Andy: [referring to a bad review of When the Whistle Blows] No, don't pop it in the scrapbook. Put the good ones in the scrapbook.
      Barry: What... what good ones?
      Andy: There's no good ones?
      Agent: Uh, best one was the Telegraph.
      Andy: What'd they say?
      Agent: They didn't review it.

    • Andy: I'm an entertainer too.
      David Bowie: What do you do?
      Andy: I'm in a sitcom.
      Maggie: It's called "When The Whistle Blows". Have you seen it?
      David Bowie: I haven't, no, is it any good?
      Heckler: (Off screen) Na, it's shit.

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