Season 1 Episode 2

Episode 2: Ross Kemp

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jul 28, 2005 on BBC Two

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  • "Beating him up and that... kicking him in the b0ll0cks"

    This on the DVD is the first episode and I'm glad it is. It contains some of the best writing and really displays the direction of the show. I can see why it may not appeal to a mass audience. A lot of the jokes are related to British television shows which people in other countries could find difficult to be interested in. But honestly I find it brilliant and laugh at the jokes every time.
  • The "difficult 2th episode" ended up even better than the first one.

    Another episode, another set. This time, Andy and Maggie are extras in a costume-drama, probably set around the Napoleon Wars. The opening scene starts with a sentimental goodbye between a woman and her husbond/boyfriend, which is about to leave for the front. What's hysterical about this scene is that when the cameras are closing up on the two of them, you are able to see an extra that are sneaking up behind them, trying to be a part of the scene. The extra who's doing this is of course Andy.

    There is two guest-stars in this episode, Ross Kemp and Vinnie Jones. I have to admit that I don't really know who Ross Kemp is, other than the fact that he had a role in "Eastenders", but I believe that he have to be some sort of tough guy in that show. In this episode he try to convince Andy that he's a tough guy in real life too, by telling him how easy he could kick Vinnie Jones' ass. Well, the whole episode ends when Vinnie Jones hear about Kemp's bragging, and confront him on his set.

    I felt that this episode was slightly better than the first episode. The sort of "dry humour" was more in focus, and it seemed like the actors were more comfortable with their role than in the first episode. This is definitively a show I will continue watching.
  • Well written (as always) and very funny.

    I rather enjoyed this episode, which surprisingly, has a rating average as one of the lowest of the series. This time around, Ross Kemp is the billed 'star,' but anyone who watched this episode would probably agree that Vinnie Jones practically steals every scene he is in. The ending, when a furious Jones bursts in and challenges Kemp, is a hysterical exchange of wonderful dialogue. This episode featured Maggie hooking up with a fellow actor, as well as Andy questioning his whole life as an 'Extra.' The other stand out scene is when Andy visits his fool of an agent, Darren (Stephen Merchant), who is fabulous each moment he is on screen. Greg (as Andy's hated fellow extra) plays a rather large role in this episode. Greg has had actual 'lines' in some of the movies he has been involved with and belittles Andy every chance he gets. This theme would continue any time Greg and Andy run into each other in other episodes.
  • not my fav...

    So I didn’t think that this was the funniest of all of them. Partly because being American I wasn’t as familiar with the “guest star”. But that aside, there were still sometimes that I laughed. The part where Maggie was being all defensive of her boobs and promising that she could get them up. But I felt sorry for her at the end, she finally snags a man and he doesn’t like the way that she shags. Such is life. She’s better than him anyway. The stuff about Andy’s agent and his CV was good. He really needs to get a new person.
  • Better than the first episode.

    I saw the first episode of 'Extras' which was amusing in some ways, however when it come to this episode with Ross Kemp, I was laughing out loud. Now I admit, I'm not the biggest fan of Extras but this episode is probably my favourite, only because I've never seen Ross Kemp in that light before, it made him a completly different person. Just his face expressions were even funny at times. Another entertaining scene was between Andy and Maggie, when she believes Ross Kemp is Phil Mitchell's brother from Eastenders, and doesn't seem to register that it's just a show.
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