Season 1 Episode 2

Episode 2: Ross Kemp

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jul 28, 2005 on BBC Two

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  • Well written (as always) and very funny.

    I rather enjoyed this episode, which surprisingly, has a rating average as one of the lowest of the series. This time around, Ross Kemp is the billed 'star,' but anyone who watched this episode would probably agree that Vinnie Jones practically steals every scene he is in. The ending, when a furious Jones bursts in and challenges Kemp, is a hysterical exchange of wonderful dialogue. This episode featured Maggie hooking up with a fellow actor, as well as Andy questioning his whole life as an 'Extra.' The other stand out scene is when Andy visits his fool of an agent, Darren (Stephen Merchant), who is fabulous each moment he is on screen. Greg (as Andy's hated fellow extra) plays a rather large role in this episode. Greg has had actual 'lines' in some of the movies he has been involved with and belittles Andy every chance he gets. This theme would continue any time Greg and Andy run into each other in other episodes.
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