Season 1 Episode 2

Episode 2: Ross Kemp

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jul 28, 2005 on BBC Two



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    • Andy: The man does not know where to start, okay? This is my CV that he's sending out to people. I mean, casting agents, producers. He typed it himself, okay. 'From 1986 to 1999 Andy Millman worked at the Natwest in Workingham. Andy left this comfortable, adequetely paid job to try and become an actor dispite his age, weight and looks. Andy claims to be a great actor but has not yet had the chance to prove it because, so far, he has had no offers except extra work which, as you know, is pointless and badly paid. Acting is Andy's dream, if you can make that dream come true please, please call'. I mean it's like he's writing to Jim'll Fix It.

    • Ross: I head butted a horse once.
      Andy: He must have really annoyed you.

    • Maggie: One time I went out with this bloke and we were in the pub and we were playing the quiz machine and it was for a fiver and the question came up 'who discovered America?' and I just panicked and said 'Columbo'.

    • Mark: Come on love, you're like a dead horse. Put a bit of minge around it.

    • [Andy and Maggie are discussing Ross Kemp's hair over lunch]
      Maggie: It's, like, cool. It's like Vin Diesel.
      Andy: Vin Diesel? Are we looking at the same bloke? Have another look. Look at him. He looks more like Zippy from 'Rainbow.'

    • Film Director: [To Wardrobe Lady] Hey, who are we using for the girl by the carriage?
      Wardrobe Lady: [Points to Maggie] We thought this one.
      Film Director: Oh, no. No, I said I needed some decent tits, and they're... they're rubbish.

    • Agent: Live and learn don't you?
      Barry: This isn't living though, is it?
      Agent: "Come on, Barry, don't start that again mate , I've got loads of jobs for you here.
      Barry: Yeah, like what?
      Agent: Well there's a light flickering in the gent's upstairs you could have a look at that could you, have a tinker with that?
      Barry: Yeah, I could...
      Agent: Yeah?
      Barry: ...could do that.
      Agent: That's just the beginning.

    • Andy: Are your parents still sending you money?
      Greg: Well yeah, either that or I threaten to sign on, and lo the cheque doth commeth in the post.
      Andy: Good.
      Greg: Keeps the wolf from the door.
      Andy: How is the door of the house your parents bought you, is that alright?
      Greg: Yeah it's fine.
      Andy: Good.

    • Andy: You just want someone to call up and give me an advert?
      Agent: That would be amazing, that would be brilliant.
      Andy: Okay. Make sure the phone's on the hook then.
      Agent: You joke about it, it was unplugged for two days - no-one noticed. Tsk!

  • Notes

    • Gervais intended this to be the first episode, and it appears as such on the DVD, however the BBC swapped episodes one and two around, but restored the correct order when they repeated the series at Christmas.

    • The joke that Shaun Williamson is so readily identified with his former EastEnders character, that even his own agent calls him 'Barry'. This is carried through to the end credits which list him as playing Barry (rather than playing himself, which is actually the case).

    • The music played at the end of every episode of Extras is, 'Tea for the tillerman' by, Cat Stevens.

  • Allusions

    • Greg: Well yeah, either that or I threaten to sign on, and lo the cheque doth commeth in the post.

      "Sign on". This term is slang; it is used to describe the way in which unemployed people in the United Kingdom can receive state benefits. To claim the money to which you are entitled, you must visit the benefit office and sigh the appropriate form. The money you receive can then be spent on lager, gambling video games or various narcotics. You could even spend it on food or medicine.

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