Season 2 Episode 3

Episode 3: Daniel Radcliffe

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 28, 2006 on BBC Two

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  • My favourite episode of the whole series, I just love everything about it. Daniel Radcliffe, the "kid" and what Andy does.

    This episode was simply amazing. I feel sorry for Daniel Radcliffe in this episode however, as he has to do a more humiliating part than all the other celebrities in the series.

    It of course shows him as himself, but really trying to get an older girl by showing how "cool" he is. I love how they make out how Daniel Radcliffe is, and it's completely taking the mickey out of his youth. My favourite part of the whole episode is the event between Andy and the mentally-handicapped boy (in which Andy asks a mother of her mentally-handicapped son to quieten him down as he is making a lot of noice. Although Andy thinks that it is just a young boy being...a boy).

    It really makes fun of how the media make stories over the top. It does this by getting different celebrities to talk about the event on their tv/radio show. Like this:

    Andy telling boy to quiet down > Andy hitting the boy > Andy hitting the boy and the mother > Andy hitting the boy and the elderly wheelchair-bound mother.

    I also enjoyed the small part around the magical Harry Potter dwarf. I quite enjoyed the actual Harry Potter spoof with the magical flute making it seem like a very childish movie.
  • Daniel Radcliffe is working with Ricky's character and tries to get it on with every women he encounters

    I think that Extras is possibly the funniest show on the telly, but I must say that this episode truelly does highlight the suberb genious of Ricky Gervais : ) . I found myself in constant hysterics and tears of laughter in my eyes. I love the scene when Daniel Radcliffe tries to show off with his cigarettes but then pretends they aren't his when his mum shows up. lolol : ) . & also the part where he takes out his condom, which he has already unravelled in his attempts to seduce Maggie, and shows it to Ricky but ends up firing it into the lady's hair ha ha.
  • super funny episode!

    I can't say enough about the wit of this series. If you watch them again, there is always something you missed. I love this show! It is clever and the addition of the actors is a must piece of the puzzle. The interaction with Andy and his dim agent is obviously a highlight. The series does take on no holds barred type of characterizations and Diana Rigg is superb as Dame Diana in the scene with Daniel Radcliff and the "Jonny". I intend to buy the first season as I have missed some of the episodes. God Bless the Queen!
  • Hilarious!

    This was the first episode i watched of Extras, mainly because I\'m a major Harry Potter fan. Dan is definitely different from Harry in this episode, and when I first saw him hitting on the older women I was both shocked and laughing. You can tell that Dan is an incredibly talented actor and can be in both comedy and drama.
  • This episode had just the right amount of laughs in it. It didn't try too Hard to be funny, In doing so, made it all the more hilarious. Daniel Radcliffe was perfect, and such a change from Harry Potter; His acting was perfectly timed -And added a sparkle

    The episode seemed to have been put together brilliantly! And the fact that the two lives of Daniel radcliffe and 'Andy' didn't really cross, made it more interesting, as if watching two seperate programmes! Daniel Radcliffe was magical! His comic timing and his little quirks made this episode! I have always felt that boy has talent, and have always been slightly put-out in the fact he finds it hard to express his talent. I commend Ricky for finally letting a bit of it shine in this episode! Warwick Davies was perfect, Acting amazingly , as always. 'Maggie' was perfect as always! All in all , one of the better episodes from this series. It came across more natural and flowing.