Season 1 Episode 3

Episode 3: Kate Winslet

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Aug 04, 2005 on BBC Two
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Kate Winslet hopes her role as a nun in a film about the Second World War will guarantee her an Oscar. However, her meeting with Andy and Maggie leads her into a very embarrassing situation. That's not the only embarrassing situation Andy finds himself in, a date with a fellow extra doesn't quite turn out as expected.moreless

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  • Haha "Touched by God ... But not like that"

    I believe this episode to be a perfect reflection of Ricky Gervais's mind. Dressed as a Nazi, poking fun at religion and the awkward disability joke. It's funny because of the strength of the writing and the casting with Kate Winslet is outstanding. She looks like she is really enjoying the part and her scenes are the some of the best moments in the show. I think this might be the best episode of the season.moreless
  • now it's five and oh...maybe Kate should take her own advice...

    So I love Kate in this role. I love how the English can talk dirty and it still sounds so civilized and proper. Then when she got all into it and started with the gestures, laughing out loud. That was the funniest thing about Willy Wonka. Too bad that Kate didn’t take her characters sure fire advice about how to win an Oscar as she how had five nominations and no wins. If she would have only done about movie about a nut in the holocaust. So the boobs thing was funny too, so fifth grade, but perfect for the agent.moreless
  • In short, this is an absolutely hysterical episode of 'Extras.' In fact, now that we know that the series has wrapped up, I still look back and appreciate this episode the most. God Bless Kate Winslet!moreless

    In short, this is an absolutely hysterical episode of 'Extras.' In fact, now that we know that the series has wrapped up, I still look back and appreciate this episode the most. God Bless Kate Winslet! She is absolutely hysterical in this episode, and is just such an amazing actress overall. I couldn't be more jealous of a man than I am Sam Mendes. But as usual, Ricky Gervias and Stephen Merchant are hysterical (as always), and this episode just shines in every sense of the word. If only other 'comedy' shows were anything like this one, the world, or perhaps just America and the UK would be a much happier place.moreless
  • Andy and Maggie are on the set of a movie with Kate Winslet. Kate gives maggies some advice about her boyfriend and phone sex. it doesn't turn out well!

    I thought this episode was so funny, i haven't laughed that much in ages.It was just so funny what she was doing behind is back and some of the things she said were brilliant. This was a great episode. Andy saying he was religous to try and sleep with that women, that was great to! It was even funny when kate said "I'm sweating like a basterd" just brilliant!
  • Ricky Gervais is a genius but I wasn't sure I could see him as anyone other than his character on The Office. Now, as Andy, he is not cocky or arrogant, but still just as goofy and hiliarious.moreless

    So glad to see Ricky Gervais back on TV. It is so painful to witness Andy stick his foot in his mouth, and then with verbal brute force he just keeps making the situation worse and worse. There is a classic bit in this episode when Andy, posing as a catholic, kisses the ring of a catholic priest and recognizing his mistake talks about how \"old habits die hard\" because his childhood priest had him kiss him all the time, but not like that, etc...

    Kate Winslet was also very good providing her very matter of fact \"dirty talk\" advice...moreless
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John Kirk


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Pamela Lyne

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Andy's agent makes an amazing discovery. If you enter "58008" into a pocket calculator and turn it upside down ... you get


  • QUOTES (10)

    • Maggie: Oh, how was the date?
      Andy: The date. Um, oh, good. Let me just go over some highlights for you. Lied to a priest in front of a room full of Christians, some of them elderly, some of them just weird and bewildered. So insulted them and their belief system, made a woman hate me for the rest of her life. Yeah? Didn't believe in God before. Definitely going to hell.

    • [Andy and Maggie are in full costume for the Holocaust movie]
      Andy: Kate Winslet was just talking dirty to Anne Frank and Joseph Goebbels. Just another normal day.

    • [Andy and Mike are in the prop room]
      Andy: Where's this stuff come from?
      Mike: Just buy it.
      Andy: What, there's a shop for a 30-foot swastika, is there?
      Mike: No, I got that from Mum. It's my nan's.

    • Andy: I'm an atheist. I firmly believe there is no God.
      Maggie: Why?
      Andy: What do you mean.. the burden of proof's not on me. The burden of proof is on the people who say there is a God.

    • Andy: Her boyfriend likes to talk dirty on the phone and she doesn't know what to say to him.
      Kate Winslett: Oh yeah. That can be a bit awkward. Why don't you just start with something light? You know, like um... "I'd love it if you'd stuff your Willy Wonka between my Oompa Loompas." You know, something a bit fun, a bit joke-ey. And then you can get more hard core right with the old classics, "I'm playing with my dirty pillows and I'm aching for your purple headed womb ferret." And then go straight in hard like, "Get round here cause I'm fudding myself stupid and I'm bloody loving it." Right?
      Maggie: Yeah.
      Kate Winslett: Anyway, there you go! Good Luck!

    • Kate: If you do a film about the Holocaust, you're guaranteed an Oscar. That's why I'm doing it - Schindler's bloody List...

    • Andy: Was I in it?
      Maggie: I don't know.
      Andy: No I wasn't then. What is the point in getting all tarted-up like this if you're not even going to make it to the scene?
      Maggie: You look quite dapper.
      Andy: It's a Nazi uniform!

    • Agent:[checks computer] Erm, do you want to put another meeting in?
      Andy: Any point?
      Agent: May as well. Erm and then when nothing comes in just phone you up and cancel it.
      Andy: Okay.

    • Maggie: I know somebody who would be perfect for you, she's desperate and has real trouble holding on to men because she is clinically depressed.

    • Andy : Heaven? Yeah, it's going to be brilliant up there, you'll have an amazing time, you'll love it. It'll be like Ibiza or something.

  • NOTES (3)

    • This episode was the premiere episode of Extras in the United States and Canada.

    • The song featured in this episode is, 'Suzanne beware of the devil', by, Dandy Livingstone. It was released in 1972 and reached number 14 in the U.K. Top 40.

    • This episode was nominated for two Emmy Awards: Best Comedy Writing and for Best Guest Performance by an actress in a Comedy Series (Kate Winslet).


    • Andy: Oh my God, I've got Jeremy Clarkson's clothes.

      Jeremy Clarkson presents the motoring programme Top Gear. Knows cars inside out - would probably be better-off wearing his clothes inside out.