Season 2 Episode 4

Episode 4: Chris Martin

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 05, 2006 on BBC Two

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  • This is my absolute favorite episode of the series.

    From the 'cradle to the grave,' this episode is my all-time favorite. The episode opens with Andy doing a commercial to raise attention and money for suffering children in third world nations. Following after him is Chris Martin.

    Martin appears on the set for the fund raiser commercial after Andy and is clearly only interested in trying to get the most attention and promotion possible for Coldplay's upcoming 'Greatest Hits' album. As he is wrapping up the commercial, he notices Andy from 'When the Whistle Blows,' and tells him that he should appear on the show, being that Andy's sitcom has an average of 6 million or so viewers, and Martin believes this is an excellent chance to promote the upcoming Coldplay album. Andy wants nothing to do with Martin appearing on 'When the Whistle Blows,' but, as usual, he does not get his wish and Martin appears on the show and performs one of Coldplay's most famous songs.

    The verbal scene (which is 'quoted' in the guide to this episode) that centers around a muffin, an aggravated Andy, a toilet-cleaning Barry, and the 'worst agent ever' Darren is the funniest thing I have ever seen. Andy is nominated for a BAFTA award, and when he is at the awards ceremony, his night couldn't possibly go worse. He has been banned forever from any BAFTA related functions because of a drug related situation he is mistakenly involved in, thanks to Darren and Ronnie Corbett in the stall of a men's restroom. Darren creates a terrible distraction while a life time achievement award is being presented that focuses all the negative attention onto Andy, and, finally, one of Andy's ex-girlfriends finds out from Maggie that the reason why Andy broke up with her was because he found her to be 'the most boring person in the world.' As she is at the podium receiving her award, she announces to everyone in attendance that 'Andy Millman is a pathetic man who didn't lose his virginity until he was 28 years old to a girl who looked like Ronnie Corbett,' which leaves the audience 'in stitches.'
  • Chris Martin is full of himself and Andy gets a BAFTA nomination.

    I really like Extras. I do think it is a very clever show. Ricky Gervais is one funny guy.
    I have a particular problems with this episode. We all know how annoying the agent can be (and how completely stupid) but here he goes a little too far. The same goes with the friend.
    So, while the episode manages to be good for the most part, it ends really bad.
    The beginning with Chris Martin is hillarious. He is great playing an a**hole who only cares about his album.
    The "pretty woman" part was clever too.
    As I said before, it's the final part, the BAFTAS that really feels like too unfair. You start wishing that he would fire his agent and punch his friend in the face.
    While we are used to Andy losing, here it is just not funny.
    Bottom line: not the best episode of the show.
  • Andy Goes to the BAFTA After being Nominated and Chris Martin Guest stars as a selcenterd version of himself.

    The episode started good enough with Martin's portrail of himself how ever, the episode started lossing its charm when Darren showed up. The incompitance is funny when he messes up slightly but in this episode not only does he humiliate him beyond shame he gets him barnned from the BAFTAs one wonders why he doesnt fire the guy after such stunts.

    Maggie again manages to give up humiliating info about Andy before she realises she shouldnt have said it. This to me is starting to get a bit boring because the humor in this show comes from humiliating Andy, which is good, but its become formulaic because you know that Andy will tell Maggie a humiliating secret about someone and she will always tell the person and humiliate Andy, you know that Darren will always show incompitance and in the proccess humiliate Andy but at the end of it Andy is mad at everyone but again will never do anything about it.

    Finally I know that one of the running jokes is how Bad Andy's sitcom is and the sort of people who like it are dimm witted I wonder why would he keep doing something that has brought him nothing but grief, humiliation and mocary from his peers. The show really needs new angles to work from and atleast show Andy's friends doing something that ends well.