Season 1 Episode 4

Episode 4: Les Dennis

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Aug 11, 2005 on BBC Two
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Due to Christopher Biggins being (surprisingly) unavailable, Andy gets a break when he lands the part of the Genie in Aladdin alongside, Les Dennis. Andy soon finds himself in a dilemma when he sees Les' young fiancé in a compromising position with the stage hand. Andy decides to tell (a naked) Les what he has seen.moreless

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  • This is my least favorite episode of Extras, and it still is very, very good! A testament to how great this show is.

    This episode focuses on Andy begrudgingly accepting a role as a genie in a theater production of 'Aladdin' starring Les Dennis. Les is having a tough time in nearly all facets of his life. He seems to be suffering from extreme nostalgia and depression. He continues to 'live in the past.' Andy tries to lift his spirits, but to no avail.

    Maggie reluctantly agrees to attend Lizzie's birthday party. Lizzie is the daughter of Bunny, the director of 'Aladdin,' who shows obvious signs of being gay. Extras is such a tremendous show, and even though this is my least favorite episode of the entire series, it is still very memorable.moreless
  • interesting...

    So this was an episode that I am sure would have been a bit funnier if I would have known who the main star was. I did find the humor in the fact that we could have substituted about any has been American actor and still found the humor in it. Calling in the magazine pretending to be someone else to reporting a spotting of hi, and keep rambling on and on about how great he used to be. I loved the thing about Oscar Wilde not being gay because he was married and how Andy has to stop hanging out with her because she doesn’t understand that.moreless
  • From The Office On the Road to a new phenomenon?

    Many of the sketches in the first few episodes of Extras were like instant replays of The Office, set in different surroundings. I could not quite make up my mind wether I was disappointed or just needed to get used to it. It was like when The Office first started: at a certain point, I got hooked.

    The episode with Les Dennis could be that point in Extras. It was quite amazing and both Dennis and Gervais were excellent in it, showing new sides of themselves. This looks promising.moreless
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    • Les: When the laughter stops. When the audience departs. When the make-up has been removed. What is left of the clown? Nothing but an empty costume. I should have listened to that. Do you know who said that?
      Andy: Jean Paul-Sartre?
      Les: Bobby Davro.

    • Les Dennis: The only people laughing were that bunch of gays.
      Andy: Nothing wrong with gays.
      Les Dennis: No, I know. But they'll laugh at anything. No victory making a bunch of gay fellas laugh. They'll laugh at anything. Look at that Graham Norton.

    • Les Dennis: [Calls 'Heat' magazine] I just spotted Les Dennis, the comedian and impressionist and actor Les Dennis. I just spotted him shopping in New Bond Street.
      Magazine Representative: Doubt he can afford much around there, can he?
      Les Dennis: Well, he can, because I just saw him, and he was spending a fucking shit-load of cash, all right? So put that in. Make sure you put that in.

    • Andy: Have you got anything for me at all?
      Agent: Loads of stuff. Do you fancy a panto in Guilford with Les Dennis?
      Andy: No. What, that's it?
      Agent: Yeah.
      Andy: You said there were loads of stuff!
      Agent: I thought you'd go with that one.

    • Agent: Seriously, talk to me.
      Andy: Why am I not getting any acting roles?
      Agent: I've been thinking about this, and I'm glad you brought it up. I've got a feeling it could be your shape. It is a very unusual shape and I'm not sure who would be looking for it. Could you maybe do a bit more exercise?
      Andy: Could you maybe do a bit more work?
      Agent: Well, no, we can banter all we like, but, I mean, all I'll say is, if you insist on remaining, you know, a blob, could you maybe at least get a tan?
      Andy: They're looking for a fat bloke with a tan, are they? What's that for, Oliver Stone's "Story of Buddha"?

    • Les Dennis I even considered suicide.
      Andy: Oh.
      Les Dennis: Yeah, actually thinking: I'm gonna end it all - I'm thinking: I'll do it live on telly, that'll show her. And I was thinking about it, Melinda Messenger came in - lovely girl, she was chatting away...
      Andy: Took your mind off it?
      Les Dennis: Yeah, I was looking at her tits.

    • Andy: Hold on, his daughter? But he's definitely gay.
      Maggie: He can't be gay if he's got a daughter.
      Andy: Oscar Wilde was married with two kids.
      Maggie: Well he can't have been gay.
      Andy: What, Oscar Wilde?
      Maggie: Yeah.
      Andy: Got to stop hanging around with you.

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    • Les Dennis: And I was thinking about it, Melinda Messenger came in...

      Melinda Messenger was a glamour model - a 'Page 3 stunna' to use British slang. She has large, (plastic) breasts - probably a head too, I've never really looked up that high.