Season 1 Episode 4

Episode 4: Les Dennis

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Aug 11, 2005 on BBC Two

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  • This is my least favorite episode of Extras, and it still is very, very good! A testament to how great this show is.

    This episode focuses on Andy begrudgingly accepting a role as a genie in a theater production of 'Aladdin' starring Les Dennis. Les is having a tough time in nearly all facets of his life. He seems to be suffering from extreme nostalgia and depression. He continues to 'live in the past.' Andy tries to lift his spirits, but to no avail.

    Maggie reluctantly agrees to attend Lizzie's birthday party. Lizzie is the daughter of Bunny, the director of 'Aladdin,' who shows obvious signs of being gay. Extras is such a tremendous show, and even though this is my least favorite episode of the entire series, it is still very memorable.
  • interesting...

    So this was an episode that I am sure would have been a bit funnier if I would have known who the main star was. I did find the humor in the fact that we could have substituted about any has been American actor and still found the humor in it. Calling in the magazine pretending to be someone else to reporting a spotting of hi, and keep rambling on and on about how great he used to be. I loved the thing about Oscar Wilde not being gay because he was married and how Andy has to stop hanging out with her because she doesn’t understand that.
  • From The Office On the Road to a new phenomenon?

    Many of the sketches in the first few episodes of Extras were like instant replays of The Office, set in different surroundings. I could not quite make up my mind wether I was disappointed or just needed to get used to it. It was like when The Office first started: at a certain point, I got hooked.
    The episode with Les Dennis could be that point in Extras. It was quite amazing and both Dennis and Gervais were excellent in it, showing new sides of themselves. This looks promising.
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