Season 1 Episode 5

Episode 5: Samuel L. Jackson

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Aug 18, 2005 on BBC Two
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Andy is trying to avoid a fellow extra who is very dull. When the extra helps to get Andy a line of dialogue, Andy tells him he owes him one. The extra suggests that he should go out for a meal with him to return the favour. In the meantime, Maggie is going out of her way to show she isn't racist, whilst on a date with a black actor.moreless

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  • Andy is working on the same movie set as Samuel L Jackson. He keeps trying to avoid a 'dull' extra. Meanwhile Maggie is trying to hook up with a black man. But she keeps saying everything wrong because she doesn't want to seem racist.moreless

    This is one of my favorite episodes! I think I laughed the whole time! This episode prooves why Andy and Maggie are friends. Andy is given a line in the movie he is working on. He thanks the extra that gave him the line and says that he owes him one. The extra suggests that they go out to dinner. Through out the rest of the episode Andy is trying to avoid the guy because he is very dull and depressing. He even goes to the lengths of walking into a cemetary, and saying that he is visiting his dead mother to try to avoid the guy. But the guy follows him into the cemetary. It gets even funnier after that! Meanwhile Maggie is trying to hook up with one of the black actors on the set. But she is so worried about seeming like a racist that she ends up acting like one. This is a great episode and if you haven't seen it... Go and see it!!moreless
  • One of the funniest 30 minutes of television I've ever seen.

    I love this episode. A personal favorite. The writing throughout the episode and the delivery by the actors was fantastic.

    Maggie and Andy are portraying policeman in a movie that Samuel L. Jackson is involved in. Maggie is very attracted to a fellow black actor on the set of the movie, while Andy has his hands full with a fellow extra named Dullard who has a heart of gold but does not know any limitations on how to become an acquaintance, or possible friend, of Andy's. Maggie tries desperately to depict that she is not a racist but endures numerous incidents of rambling where she comes across as being just that. The episode had tremendous casting, especially of 'Dan' (Maggie's love interest) and 'Dullard' (Andy's annoying fellow extra). Hilarious.moreless
  • they all look alike??

    I love how Maggie always just rambles on and on and usually ends up digging herself into a nice little hole. And sometimes she does it unintentionally. So I loved the OJ thing. Because of the murder thing she wouldn’t want him waiting for her. I don’t blame her. I liked how she was trying to justify that most people think that he is guilty, because he is. I like the guy that they were trying to avoid, everyone knows one of those and there is no way to be nice to them and blow them off at the same time. I have even thought of drowning myself in my food too.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The song played in the is episode is 'There's nothing like this' by Omar. It was released in 1991 and reached No. 14 in the U.K. Top 40 in June of that year.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Andy: [to Dullard] And don't take this the wrong way, I looked at you and thought: 'what a pathetic loser'.

    • Dullard: We're a tragic couple, we are!
      Andy: We're not a couple. His wife left him. And I'm out shagging regular as clockwork.

    • Andy: He doesn't think you're a racist.
      Maggie: He does. He's just seen me say to a black woman, "you're not allowed to sit on this bus". It's like that whole racism-on-a-bus incident all over again.
      Andy: The Rosa Parks incident?
      Maggie: It wasn't in a park. It was on a bus.

    • Dullard: It's a wonderful gift, that. Laughter.
      Andy: Yeah, the gift that keeps on giving as well. Anyway, I've got to go and slash my wrists.

    • Dullard: You remind me of a mate of mine - Pete. Pete Shephard. Used to run the launders near me, and, god, we used to have a laugh together.
      Andy: Did you?
      Dullard: Oh! I was in hysterics every time I saw him. He was a Chelsea fan. I used to support Spurs. When we used to meet, we'd have a chat and a laugh.
      Andy: Yeah, why are you telling me this?
      Dullard: Well, we used to have a laugh. We'd have a chat and a laugh every time, and one day a couple of kids, they're messing around in his shop, and they chuck bleach in his eyes, and it blinded him. I went to visit him in the hospital. Tears were coming out of his bandaged, frazzled, useless eyes. He went, "I don't think I'll ever laugh again." You know what?
      Andy: No.
      Dullard: I don't think he has.

    • Dullard: Quite incredible, eh?
      Andy: Huh?
      Dullard: Mr. Samuel L. Jackson in our midst.
      Andy: No, I'm not Sam Jackson. See your confusion. We look alike, but..
      (Dullard laughs)
      Dullard: I've hit gold, eh? I found the joker in the pack!
      Andy: I don't know about that.
      Dullard: No, I'll tell you what. Seriously, that is great. That is, mate. That is brilliant. That's a gift, that is, the gift of laughter.

    • Andy: [to Maggie] Who would you rather have waiting for you when you got home tonight: Johnny Depp or O.J. Simpson?

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