Season 2 Episode 6

Episode 6: Jonathan Ross

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 2006 on BBC Two

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  • This episode was hysterical and just what you'd expect from the excellent, sometimes under-appreciated team of Gervais and Merchant.

    As usual, the writers/producers and stars of this show, Ricky Gervais and Steven Merchant, know how to end a series properly. They always go out way on top. If it were not for these two fantastic minds, we would have never had the British version of 'The Office,' which was adapted for American television and now brings Steve Carrel many accolades. But just as the same recipe for their original British 'Office,' 'Extras' consisted of two 6 episode 'seasons' plus a 'special.' The 'Extras' special will, I'm assuming follow the same path: a one and a half hour long episode to send the show into forever oblivion. I love this show 'Extras,' and cannot wait to see what the next project will be for these two wonderful contributors to entertainment, Gervais and Merchant. This final episode, although at times a little more drama than comedy, was still incredible and hysterical. Cheers.
  • A sick boy's mother wants minor celebrity Andy to come to her child's bedside. Andy makes friends with a British talk show host. What's-her-name goes home with a man who lives with his parents and embarrassment ensues, although not much humor.

    I have wildly conflicting feelings about this show. Sometimes I think it's absolutely hilarious and other times I am too offended to laugh. This episode fell into the latter category. For me, there's not too much comic mileage you can get out of a dying boy. I understand the desire to push the edge of the envelope, but both this scenario and the one where both Andy's agent and the agent's assistant are masturbating behind their desks put me off too much to enjoy the show. I felt the same way about the David Bowie episode. Then just when I'm about to stop watching they'll do a really funny one like the episode with Daniel Ratcliife. For an American, obviously the least effective episodes are when a person whose celebrity is confined to Great Britain sends himself up -- I have no idea who he is and therefore don't get the jokes. Jonathan Ross falls into this category, as does the TV actor who thought the dying boy should have approached him. Perhaps the show will gain enough recognition to attract people I know, or they'll do an American version as they did with The Office. Until then, it's very much hit or miss with me.
  • A good end of series episode.

    I really liked this end of series episode. The sequence with Robert Lindsay going mad at the young sick kid for not knowing about Citizen Smith (from the 1970's) was great yet wrong at the same time. Its a shame that Gervais is not going to make anymore having gone on record saying its good to finish on a high and not drag it out. Mind you he said that about The Office so expect a Christmas special next year.
  • Oh my god how uncomfortable was that that dieing kid was pretty boring

    Ricky and johny sitting in a tree K I S S I NG The montage between wossy and gervais was the funniest thing i ve have ever seen in my entire life ever.

    It maybe inappropriate to laugh at a dieing child and robert linsay but god it was fantastic.

    "Is there something wrong with your brain\"
    "ohh f*ck off ,Waste off space\"

    When playing operation ,maggie makes a trade mark classic gaff
    she states that the pieces in operation are alot smaller than the tumour in his head.

    oh jesus help us your children have strayed
  • Ohmigod - Gervais/Merchant and the mother of all cameos! Travis Bickle does TV!

    Fantastic - I thought I\'d spontaneously combust when Darren Lamb (useless agent) says to De Niro - \'so in real life, have you ever driven a taxi?\'

    He follows that with his pen that displays a nude woman - and De Niro asks if he can keep it. The excruciating line that Maggie comes up with in the hospital, when she\'s playing a game of Operation with a really sick boy, who\'s a massive fan of Andy\'s, when the boy says I hope my surgeon is better than you, after the games buzzes. \'It\'s okay, these are really small, but I\'ve heard your tumour is massive....\"

    I just thought the writing of the show is sublime...

    I really, really hope they do another series!