Season 1 Episode 6

Episode 6: Patrick Stewart

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Aug 25, 2005 on BBC Two

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  • "But by then i have seen everything...i've seen it all"

    Extras is a very special show. It is brilliant in so many different ways it is difficult to figure out where really to begin when one wants to explain how good this show is. Ricky Gervais and Stephen Marchant (who play Andy, and Andy's agent, respectivley) did the impossible and managed to top themselves and make a show more funny, more satirical, more hair pullingly awkward then the Office(a show which Gervais and Marchant both wrote/directed as well)

    The thing i found most hysterical about this show was the way the famous guest stars played completley and hilarious exaggerations of themselves. The best one by a long shot is the performance of Patrick Stewart in the season finale of series 1.

    The encounter between Millman(Gervais' character) and Stewart in Stewart's trailer is among some of the best comedy ever witnessed on television. Stephen Marchant and Ricky Gervais have established themselves as perhaps one of the best comedy duos of all time, and this episode highlights tbat brilliantly.
  • One of the BEST of the series.

    A great Season One Finale! Patrick Stewart is absolutely hysterical in every scene he is in. Darren (Andy's Agent, played by the incomparable Stephen Merchant) steals every scene he is in. Andy gets his big chance for a sitcom to air on BBC, if he can handle editing and writing with a man he considers 'too' gay.

    He never intends on Damon (the gay guy Andy is writing with) to hear any of those comments, but Maggie accidentally tells Damon as she passes him by in the hallway at the BBC.

    During the end of the episode, Maggie and Andy's friendship gets tested, but, in the end, they end up even closer friends. A wonderfully hysterical episode. One of the best of the series.
  • make it so...

    So I really laughed at this episode. I grew up watching The Next Generation. Jean Luc and his make it so. I loved the part where he was giving Andy such a hard time about being single and never watching Star Trek. And the thing about his entire show basically about seeing woman’s boobs – so funny as it is so different then the stiff Brit that we always pictured. And once again I hate Andy’s agent – the man is so pointless – he is actually beyond pointless – he is actually hurting Andy’s career. BBC1, BBD2, BBC3, and BBC4 – us Americans are so spoiled with digital cable…
  • Brilliant episode

    I really enjoyed this episode. Patrick Stewart was very funny, especially with his idea for a film.
    One criticism is that in general i felt it wasn't the funniest episode of the series, however it had the best storyline.
    This episode finished the series very well and i can't wait till the second series!
  • best episode in series.

    as a trekkie i was loving patrick being in the show and i must say he was brilliant.
    his scenes were brilliant, mostly taking the piss at his own expense. brilliantly written.

    the later scenes at the bbc were also nice and funny if also a little cringe worthy, but it made a nice change from ricky working as an extra.

    some of the best comedy sequencies i've seen in years.
  • Best Episode Yet

    In my opinion, the last episode of Season 1 was the best so far. As a whole I was impressed with the series but not overly impressed.

    Patrick Stewart does a great job in this episode, poking fun at himself in an incredibly funny scene with Ricky Gervais.

    Stephen Merchant appears again as Andy's agent and is clearly one of the funniest characters in the show so far, his banter with Ricky being so funny to watch that I found myself having to stifle my own laughs in order to catch the next line.

    Ricky's cringeworthy scene in the BBC office talking about gay people is uncomfortable to watch but at the same time is hilarious.

    And finally, "Barry from Eastenders" appears again in this episode in a very funny scene with Stephen Merchant.

    Overall, a must-watch for any fan of Ricky Gervais or The Office, and in my opinion, this episode is the best yet.