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  • Season 1
    • 7/21/05
      Andy is an extra on the set of a movie about the Balkans conflict, which is being directed by, Ben Stiller. As Andy attempts to win himself a speaking role by befriending Goran, [the Croatian man whose story is being told], he is drawn into the friction that has developed between Stiller and Goran.moreless
    • 7/28/05
      Fellow extra and rival, Greg is working on a film with Vinnie Jones, he's got a line too. Andy is working on a television programme with Ross Kemp and as usual, he hasn't got a line, so Maggie persuades him to ask Kemp if he can get him a line of dialogue. Ross Kemp is keen to convince Andy that his hardman image on TV is also true in reality. Andy isn't convinced, especially when Ross is confronted by Vinnie Jones.moreless
    • 8/4/05
      Kate Winslet hopes her role as a nun in a film about the Second World War will guarantee her an Oscar. However, her meeting with Andy and Maggie leads her into a very embarrassing situation. That's not the only embarrassing situation Andy finds himself in, a date with a fellow extra doesn't quite turn out as expected.moreless
    • 8/11/05
      Due to Christopher Biggins being (surprisingly) unavailable, Andy gets a break when he lands the part of the Genie in Aladdin alongside, Les Dennis. Andy soon finds himself in a dilemma when he sees Les' young fiancé in a compromising position with the stage hand. Andy decides to tell (a naked) Les what he has seen.moreless
    • 8/18/05
      Andy is trying to avoid a fellow extra who is very dull. When the extra helps to get Andy a line of dialogue, Andy tells him he owes him one. The extra suggests that he should go out for a meal with him to return the favour. In the meantime, Maggie is going out of her way to show she isn't racist, whilst on a date with a black actor.moreless
    • 8/25/05
      Andy has written a script for a sitcom. As he is working on a production with Patrick Stewart, he gives him the script and asks him if he can help by passing it on to people in the business. Stewart is able to "make it so" as he has a production company. The BBC shows interest and Andy is asked to make a pilot. He starts working on the script with a script editor from the BBC, an outrageously camp man who Andy finds difficult to tolerate because he is "too gay". He makes the mistake of mentioning this to, Maggie.moreless
  • Season 2