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  • Extras

    This show has to be the best comedy I seen in years since The Office which is made by the same people who did this show. This show is brilliant to watch every now and again whenever it is on. I am not a fan of Ricky Gervais but this show is awesome.
  • Hillarious! This is the best comedy I've seen in a long time. It could only come from the same network that aired Sex and the City.

    This is the greatest comedy to date. BBC and HBO are the only people who could air a show like this. Who cares about the actors when you can watch the life of the extras. Ben Stiller is funny is Episode 2. It's all about talking smart. And Samuel L. Jackson in Episode 4 was fantastic as well. It only gets better with every new episode.
  • Irresistible, charming, clever, funny

    Of course you want a new "Office" when you start watching "Extras" and if you completely base your judgement on that expectation, it is easy to critizise it. But it isn't "The Office" and honestly, I'm happy it isn't. Not because I didn't like "The Office", because this is the greatest show in the history of television, but because it would be stupid to repeat the concept.

    No, what Merchant and Gervais achieved here is simply amazing. They made another show which is as perfect as "The Office" without having any resemblance to it. Well, there are similarities, like playing with political correctness, but overall it's something new and innovative.

    Sometimes it feels like a warmer "Black Adder". The way Gervais' character reacts to the stupidity around him without anyone noticing his sarcasm reminds me somehow of Atkinson's greatest moments.

    The important difference from the characters Black Adder and David Brent is that Andy and Maggie are people we really like. Andy is cynical and Maggie not always clever, but they have a heart. They're good people and that's why we like them. And because we like them, we can laugh even more, because we understand them. And they like each other, which makes the character constellation even more attractive. Andy is laughing about Maggie from time to time, but he also helps her. He is never really mean to her, nor to anyone else.

    It's just so great to see them get into uncomfortable situations because it says so much about our "awareness" of delicate topics. And Stephen Merchant as the agent is simply brilliant.

    The show makes me laugh out loud and care for the characters. In that respect, it resembles "The Office" and that's why I simply admire Merchant and Gervais for their work. They combine humor and sadness like no one else and they go all the way. May their be no end to their innovative abilities.
  • Andy Milman is trying to break into showbiz but cant get any further than being an extra where the main perk is meeting A-listers

    very good ive only seen the first kate winslet episode in the states im a hugggeee office fan this had some big shoes to fill, it was very funny not quite as many laugh out loud moments as office but definetly worth watching. can\'t wait for the ben stiller episode :)
  • All things come...

    Such a nice breath of fresh air. The show takes the best parts of what I like about the office and, also, has this Black Adder sensibility, too. As long as it doesn't rest heavily on celebrity cameos and stays with the characters, the extras, if you will, this show will keep me hookd.
  • Extras brings awkward silence into the forefront. This show makes all those uncomfortable pauses in life worth watching, especially when it’s not you. It’s simply genius.

    Extras brings awkward silence into the forefront. This show makes all those uncomfortable pauses in life worth watching, especially when it’s not you. It’s simply genius. Ricky Gervais and Stephan Merchant give us another show where the jokes and punch lines are not the main attraction. This time around, it is put into the life of an aging actor who can only get extra work in the background of movies. And whose inept agent is partly to blame. Through out his work, he comes across real actors with total opposite personas that they portray on screen. These interactions are just a tiny fraction of the comedy that makes each episode. Everything else is Gervais' character getting into situations where he makes the viewer just so awkward to the point where it is too uncomfortable to watch. But don't do that or you'll miss the whole thing.
  • Comedian Ricky Gervais, best known from The Office stars in his own comedy programme as Andy, a 40 year old man who craves to be an actor but, with an agent like his, all he can land is a career as a "Background Artist"...thats an Extra to you and me.

    The series follows the life of Andy Millman, who gave up his job to follow his dream...and become an actor, but all he can land is Extra work. All he wants to do is land a speaking role, and he is egged on by his bestfriend Maggie.

    Written by Ricky Gervais, this show certainly lives up to the challange of following the Office and, although the subject is not as universal as a comedy about a bad boss -something everyone has probably experienced - the fact that they've managed to maintain that level of entertaining banter between charaters and cringeworthy situations and they've managed to convince both British Z-list celebs and Hollywood A-list actors to mock themselves on TV is certainly a worthy achievement
  • English humour is in some ways very different to good'ol American humour and while "The Office" was creative enough to be highly succesfull over in the States I feel that "Extras" isn't really universal enough to appeal to an international audience.

    English humour is in some ways very different to good'ol American humour and while "The Office" was creative enough to be highly succesfull over in the States I feel that "Extras" isn't really universal enough to appeal to an international audience. The series follows the cringe-worthy antics of Andy Millman, a middle-aged overweight would-be actor who has been playing in films as an extra for the last 20 years while still hoping to get his first line of dialog!

    Unfortunately what starts out as a good idea turns out to be very uneven from episode to episode. Let me explain - each episode has several cameos from a well-known actor and a lot of the jokes are based around how Millman tries unsuccesfully interact with them. The episodes themselves can therefore be extremely funny( Ben Stiller, Patrick Stuart, Kate Winslet) to rather boring and drawn-out (S.L. Jackson, Vinnie Jones).

    I think that this is one of those shows that will only finf a rather small select audience in the states, but fans of "The Office" or some of the other older british comedy ("Black Adder", "Brittas Empire"). Might find something here.
  • Great show getting better.

    As a huge fan of The Office I couldn't wait to see Extras, but seeing the first show I was a little disappointed to say the least. But after having now seen the first five episodes, I can say that this is a show that needs time to grow on you. By the third episode, once I was familiar with all the characters and how they relate to each other, I really started enjoying the show a lot more, and seeing Ricky being himself is very funny to watch. I'll have to go back and see the first few episodes again, and I'm sure they'll be a lot funnier second time around as I don't have to think too much about what is going on. But overall, I think any Ricky Gervais or The Office fan should also enjoy this show, almost as much.
  • Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant undertake the very hard job of following the massive success of The Office with another half hour comedy. Luckily for them, and even more so for us, they more than succeed. Though it still doesn't match the Office for qu

    The Office is a phenomenon. A classic comedy that is both original and accessible. It had grown to a such a huge status that even Gervais was getting a bit sick of people asking him to 'do the dance'. It's highly regarded both in the UK and the US and was wisely restricted to 2 series and a special by Gervais and Merchant.

    Then they had to follow it up with something new.

    Everyone was expecting something great and what they have delivered is maybe a bit less accessible due to reduced number of characters but is most definately approaching the quality of their debut show.
    The main draw for most will be the celeb names but there's far more to offer.
    The cameos by celebs such as Patrick Stewart, Ben Stiller, Sam Jackson and, er, Barry from Eastenders are gleefully warped(especially Les Dennis) and certainly add a lot but the two leads are the main focus.

    Gervais has wisely directed his character Andy away from the infamous David Brent making him more intelligent, witty and less naive but still giving him the ability to put his foot right in it!

    New-comer Ashley Jensen is endearing as his best friend 'extra' Maggie bringing a certain clumsy innocence to the role.

    Merchant is also fun as Andy's slimy agent.

    The plots aren't generally about anything in particular and often revolve around things like unintentionally being racist, trying to keep a depressed Les Dennis company or just generally hanging around the set of their current production. It rings a bit like Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm in that respect.

    In the end, this is a superb show and well worth a look, especially if you're a fan of The Office.

    Great stuff, roll on series 2!
  • Almost as good as the Office(UK)

    Ricky Gervais is a very funny man. He has an execptional talent for making himself and the actors around him look extremely pathetic. Sometimes I feel guilty laughing at the embarassment and even pain that the characters experience. Yet I continue watching because it is funnier and better written that most things on TV.
    Not as funny or heart-wrenching as the Office but but it comes close.
    It is definitly British and is sharp and darking in its humour.
  • Extras is a hilarious comedy written by and stars Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant who both wrote “The Office”.

    Extras is a hilarious comedy written by and stars Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant who both wrote “The Office”.

    Extras is about Andy Millman, (Ricky Gervais) a failing actor who can only get bit-parts thanks to his useless agent (Stephen Merchant) who also represents “Barry” from Eastenders (Shaun Williamson).
    Each episode sees Andy trying to get a mere line and friend Maggie (Ashely Jenson) trying to attract male attention from any of the cast or crew.

    Each episode features guest appearances from many famous faces playing themselves.

    Episode One stars a heartless and big headed Ben Stiller who is directing a Russian war movie based on a true story.

    Episode Two stars a cocky Ross Kemp who gets put in his place by hard-man Vinny Jones.

    Episode Three is about a holocaust movie in which an Oscar seeking Kate Winslet is the leading role.

    In Episode Four Andy plays a genie along side an on the up Les Dennis in a pantomime.

    Samual L Jackson is the guest in the penultimate episode.

    And Patrick Stewart gives Andy a helping hand in the final episode.

    It has been promised that there will be a second series next year.

    Madonna and Ant and Dec may make an appearance.
  • Its all about embarrassing situations!!..

    Extras foundations of humor is embarrassment!!.. From doing something ridiculous to something profound and then making the situation more so embarrassing by trying to convince, or lie your way out of it, knowing the people you are doing this to, know so!!.. But continue despite this fact then digging yourself deeper into one massive embarrassing hole..

    The co-star alongside Ricky Gervais, Ashley Jensen main purpose in the program is specifically for this reason, Andy Millman (Ricky Gervais) will encourage the embarrassment of the situation either to her advantage or disadvantage.. Whether it be the course of her dating a man with a huge foot and calling him names on instinct, to going to a friends party and only old folks be the guests then destroy the birthday, to dirty phone calls and getting advice from Kate Winslet, then having Kate and Andy Millman mock the idea.. Every Character has a reason for embarrassment.. An episode wont pass where embarrassment is the main factor of laughter.. Embarrassment is funny!!..
  • Extras is very good, but its not without its flaws. Overall though, Gervais is a genius and Extras has some genuine laugh out loud moments.

    There are a number of things I don't like about Extras. It remains one of my favourite comedy shows, but it does have some things that I'm not so keen on.

    For me, the really cringworthy moments are a little too much. I am aware that a lot of people think these are the best bits in Extras. But I have always found this sort of comedy quite hard to watch, I'd level the same critisim at The Office too. Which despite being comedy gold, did sometimes step over the line a little.

    Still, overall Extras is so great that despite some cringing I find myself roaring with laughter at some bits. Some of the Les Dennis moments in episode 4 are just hillarious. Particularly "I'm getting excited just thinking about it" made me cry with laughter.

    In all, Extras is a fantastic show. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes Larry Sanders, Arrested Development and of course, The Office.

    One last thing, anyone who tells you that Andy Millman is just the same as David Brent is wrong!
  • It has no story line at all to be funny

    It's okay I guess but really hard to understand what the hell is going on or why they choose some of the people on it.

    But even I must admit it is really funny although quite sick some times

    I have only seen about 2 episodes though.... tell me if you agree with me or not
  • WOW..... it takes me 2 episodes to realise what this EXTRAS thing is..!! Well, the series is about extra actors instead of normally we talk about the main actors. This is a new way to see a tv series!

    By watching the first episode, it is about Ben Stiller being a director for a film in a war, but the main story is not about Ben Stiller, is it about a couple of actors that is the extras acting that tries to get a better lines by using the man who wrote the story.

    Watch this series where Andy Millman and Maggie Jacobs becomes the main actors where they played as an extras in the series while the main actors are the guest stars only..!!
  • A slow "comedy" that doesnt seem to attempt to make anyone laugh.

    I turned the TV on with high hopes of seeing a new comedy from the creators of the office that would be witty, real and at the same time hilarious.

    Instead i was faced with a boring television show that isnt sure what it is itself. I just hope the next television show that the creators think of is funnier.
  • A good start, typical Ricky Gervais humour. Hopefully the series will get better, since the first episode was good, but not anything to make it an instant classic.

    From the get go, I took any thoughts and expectations brought about by The Office and threw them away. This isn't The Office, by any means.

    The show style is completely different for a start. It's more of a sitcom than a mock fly on the wall documentary.

    While Gervais' snappy wit is still there, the character he portraits isn't David Brent, nor is it supposed to be.

    The show itself I thought was hilarious, I've always been a fan of Ricky dating back to his small segmants on the 11 O'Clock show on Channel 4. His style of humour is 'right down my alley' I suppose. I loved the dead wife photo's conversation and the big shoe stuff, that was especially funny.

    The only bad thing I can see so far is Ricky's female friend who I just wasn't buying. I'm not sure what type of character they were trying to get across, but I didn't like it. Hopefully she wont be so silly in future episodes. Although who is to say she's even going to appear in future episodes? Andy Millman might be getting cast in shows and movies with all new extras along side him.

    I'm hoping for great things from this show and I'm looking forward to the 2nd episode. And once again people, it's not The Office so stop saying "It's not The Office". We get it.
  • Not an instant classice but it's still too early to tell.

    I just watched the first show and i knew before that if i watched it expecting it to be as good as The Office, i wouldn't like it. So i took a lighter approach and i liked it a lot. It's not what i would call an instant classice but i think it has a lot of potential. So i am looking forward to what this show will later pull out.
    I think the whole is idea is a very original one and i will definately continue to watch it. So if your a big fan of The Office then you shouldn't watch this show thinking it will definatley be as good, but if your a Ricky Gervais fan, you'll love it!
  • I watched episode one and it didn't fulfilled my expectations. Though I'm think this show has great potential. I never watched the office (but I getting some episodes right now), so I wasn't prejudiced by that serie.

    I watched episode one and it didn't fulfill my expectations. Though I think this show has great potential. I never watched the office (but I'm getting some episodes right now), so I wasn't prejudiced by that serie. But I watched some trailers from Extras and I thought it would be real fun. And so I watched the first episode.

    I don't want to judge this show on one episode so I am going to watch some more in the future. I think it has huge potential and finally it wil be great and funny.

    We'll see! Looking forward to the show with Samual L. Jackson.
  • An intrersting show with lots of potential

    I was not a fan of the office but when i saw adverts for extras on tv i thought i\'ll have a look. I liked politics and animals and loved him in Alias. So i thoguht i would give it a chance. I sat down to watch it thinking i would go off it but i stuck to it and thoguht it was decent. It will deffinatly be on reminder on sky. I hope people dont just judge it from the first episode as i believe it will get better as time goes along. Besides i also want to see the episode with Samuel L Jackson in. Give it a chance, you may be surprised.
  • A BIG let down

    When i herd about Extras i was looking frowd to see it. Ok i did not like the office but this was gone to diffen but it just not funny i don't get as Andy said "I don't like it". Man it the big let down erve it just not funny one bit.
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