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  • Another quality comedy from Ricky Gervais and Steven Merchant. The show easily meets the expectations of even the most die hard 'Office' fans.

    After the phenomenal success of 'The Office' in both the UK and the US it was always going to a difficult undertaking for Ricky and Steven to produce a new comedy series moving away from the giant shadow 'The Office'

    Myself, like many others I'm sure were pretty excited but apprehensive when news that the new series 'Extra's' was in the pipeline came about. This was mainly due to the overwhelming respect I have for 'The Office' and couldn't see how any new series would compare to the genius that is, 'The Office'

    When the first episode was released on TV I had no idea what to expect and I watched with such intensity, deeply hoping that I wasn't going to be let down. But it soon became apparent that there was nothing to worry about, as this show was already shaping up to be a classic.

    The show is based round the central character of Andy Millman (Gervais) and his life as an 'extra' to films and television productions, his interactions with the stars, his desperate attempts to get speaking parts, or just the odd line and his relationship with his friend Maggie and his useless agent (Merchant).

    What Ricky and Steven have done so well with this series is to use Celebrities in situations the we may be accustomed to, but show a side to their personalities that is completely unexpected. Major credit is given to the celebrities for being seriously good sports and really playing on the type of persona that they are portrayed to have in the media.

    'Extra's' can be watched over and over again, improving with every watch, much like 'The Office', and I personally can not wait for the second series.

    Congratulations to Ricky and Steven for another first class British comedy to be proud of.