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  • The series follows the lives of two struggling actors trying to make it big in show business as well as succeed in their own personal lives and relationships.

    While Gervais' "The Office" remains an all time classic and is certainly a hard act to follow, this show, "Extras" is not an attempt at topping the last show, but giving Ricky Gervais a chance to do something new.
    That being said, if you are looking to laugh at classic awkward British comedy and just enjoy seeing well-known actors make satirical asses of themselves, then this show is for you.
    I admit the series was a little slow at first to win me over, but as the two, very short series (seasons) went on, I grew very fond of the program and am sad to see it over so soon.
    But leave it to Gervais to come back again one day with another brilliant idea. I give him credit for doing something so different this time around rather than repeating his 'Office' routine.
    It may not be everyone's thing and some people may not think the show is funny or that it makes no sense. Well, those people will always have re-runs of "Reba" and "Everybody Loves Raymond" to keep them happy.
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