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  • About 2 Friends called Andy and Maggie that work as actors

    This is so funny. Season one was great. I think Ricky is such a good actor, he makes it so cringy to watch. But it makes it hilarious. Its a great idea about the extras meeting new people such as ross kemp, ben stiller, etc... and hes done well to get such famous people in his show. But it gets even better.... in season 2. Andy gets HIRED BY The BBC to do a new show called 'When the whistle blows' which is a truly pathetic show that the whole nation hate. He gets laughed at in the streets, made fun of by the newspapers and has a few creepy fans. He has a rubbish agent that just makes things worse for him. The funniest parts of extras is when David bowie plays a song in a bar that goes "pathetic little loser" and "He's the little fat man with the pug-nose face...PUG PUG PUG PUG!" which was about andy, and had everyone in the bar singing, even his own agent lol. But the most funny one is the last one of season 2, this is hilarious. barry, a former actor from eastenders and andy's agent own a pen, with a naked lady on it, and andy walked into them COUGH COUGH -ing over the pen. It was one of the funniest things ive ever seen!