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  • Just started watching...

    I bought series 1 & 2 together for a nice price, brand spanking new, and I love this show!!!
    I only just started watching it, and all the little jokes are pure gold, and this series merely backs up my views on the man-Ricky Gervais and his pure genius work, and humour.
    He also did The Office and that was brilliant, but this show just adapts on The Office and completely takes it to another level by the jokes (that perhaps The Office did in small doses) and behavior of the characters.
    Insane show!!
    The way the characters Andy and Maggie constantly say the wrong things to other people in the show is absolutely hilarious and it seems that most, if not all of the episodes have a scene where Andy or Maggie land themselves in an embarrassing situation with other characters and it just all goes wrong, with either racist attitudes or jokes-not on purpose, or other delicate issues.
    This is fabulous and if you haven't seen it, watch it, buy it or whatever!
    If you've seen it and don't own it, seriously, just go out there and purchase it, its awesome.

    Well done to Ricky Gervais for another superb comedy show.

    See this!
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