Extreme Championship Wrestling

Tuesday 10:00 PM on Syfy Premiered Jun 13, 2006 In Season


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  • This was an answer to wrestling in the mid-90's to 2001. With Shane Douglas denouncing the NWA championship and renaming it the Extreme Championship, the revolution had begun.

    Watching this show each week at 1 or 2am on Saturdays, was tough but all worth it. They did things that I hadn't seen in all my years of watching wrestling and I had been watching it since I was 5. Flaming tables, exploding tables, and scaffolding matches, was just a taste of what was going on. People just doing anything to get a reaction from the fans. It was an orginization that produced the best wrestlers in pro-wrestling that left for better money and other things. This orginization was great, a classic that will never be duplicated. And many tried. there was XPW, CZW, 3PW and others. But they couldn't tell a story the way ECW could. Only one other orginization did that and that was WWF. WCW tried but under terrible leadership made it sad to watch. ECW!! ECW!! ECW!!
    I will never forget it because it was a show that was so innovative that it never gets enough credit.
  • ECW will go down as one of the greatest wrestling promotions in history.

    ECW embodied the Philadelphia spirit. Much like Rocky it was an underdog company but went further than anyone expected. WWF was revitalize due to “borrowing” ECW storylines & thus the Attitude era was born. WCW also befitted buying most ECW’s talent such as Chris Benoit, Eddy Guerrero & Chris Jericho.

    ECW die not because it was a bad product but due to poor financial planning. In other words they grew to fast for themselves.

    ECW will go down as one of the greatest wrestling promotions in history.