Extreme Championship Wrestling

Tuesday 10:00 PM on Syfy Premiered Jun 13, 2006 In Season


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  • This was an answer to wrestling in the mid-90's to 2001. With Shane Douglas denouncing the NWA championship and renaming it the Extreme Championship, the revolution had begun.

    Watching this show each week at 1 or 2am on Saturdays, was tough but all worth it. They did things that I hadn't seen in all my years of watching wrestling and I had been watching it since I was 5. Flaming tables, exploding tables, and scaffolding matches, was just a taste of what was going on. People just doing anything to get a reaction from the fans. It was an orginization that produced the best wrestlers in pro-wrestling that left for better money and other things. This orginization was great, a classic that will never be duplicated. And many tried. there was XPW, CZW, 3PW and others. But they couldn't tell a story the way ECW could. Only one other orginization did that and that was WWF. WCW tried but under terrible leadership made it sad to watch. ECW!! ECW!! ECW!!
    I will never forget it because it was a show that was so innovative that it never gets enough credit.