Extreme Close-Up with...

E! Premiered Apr 01, 2001 Between Seasons


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Extreme Close-Up with...

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Extreme Close-Up with...‚ is a documentary television show from E! Entertainment Television. Extreme Close-Up with‚Ķ started in 2001, and it has since featured many prominent celebrities and movies. The show focuses on both the personal lives and the professional lives of many people in the spotlight. In a 2010 episode, the show focuses on actor Taylor Lautner who gained fame in the Twilight movies. Extreme Close-Up with Taylor Lautner gives fans an insight into his personal life and his career. He reveals how he came to be an actor and what it is like gaining over-night success in Hollywood. In a 2006, the show features Reese Witherspoon, who talks in-depth about her work in the successful movie "Walk The Line." Hugh Jackman is also featured on the show in a 2006 episode, where he speaks about the third instalment of the X-men film "X-men: The Last Stand." Additionally, the show features Meryl Streep, George Lucas, Kate Hudson, Will Ferrell, and more. Extreme Close-up with offers a valuable insight into the lives of celebrities and behind the scenes information on successful movies.


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