EXTreme Dating

(ended 2004)


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EXTreme Dating

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One dater dates another who has brought along their two EX's. The ex's will try and foil the plan of their date and if they succeed they win a prize, but if their plan back fires the couple gets another date free of charge and the ex's go home. Only on Extreme Dating!
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  • Ex-treme Dating confirms that the world is crawling with dysfunction.

    Most of the people that come on this show don't even talk to each other to find out whether or not they are compatible. Even if the exes are "chiming in" the daters have the opportunity to ignore the stupidity and get real. They are too busy looking for "sexual attraction" with no substance. They seem oblivious to the fact that unless you get to know a person, there is no "sexual attraction". They immediately start in with sexual innuendos and/or undressing each other. Practically nobody ever asks, "How's your mom and nem". It confirms the fact that the world consists of too many baby daddies, baby mamas and rampant sexual diseases. Nobody ever gives a second thought to pride and family values. They are too busy jumping in bed with countless meaningless relationships. Instead of coming on a dating show, most of these people need to seek psychiatric help. It seriously hurts the future of our youth!!!moreless
  • Jillian Barberie is added entertainment ! Especially the 'outtakes'

    I luv the "Extreme Dating Show"... And the 'added' entertainment is "Jillian Barberie"...She is so funny to me! Especially those 'out takes' The funniest out take was when she kept slipping on the floor. I have to admit, though, some of the episodes are not as funny as she is...

    She does wear some weird clothes sometimes, but hey...she looks GREAT in whatever she wears! I was wondering if anyone has noticed, that the girl that does the "NUTRISYSTEM" commercial looks like Jillian, but with a few more pounds.

    This girl has the 'mole' on her cheek just Like Jillian.... Does anyone know if this is her or not?moreless
  • Bad idea, stupid show, don't watch it.

    The show is about a male or female who goes on a date. Let's make it a boy and call him Ryan. Now Ryan's date (we'll call her Janet) thinks it's a normal date, but really two of her EXs are telling Ryan about her, what to do, and what to say through a tiny earpiece. In the end, Ryan must make a decision if he wants to continue his date and possible relationship with Janet, or not. It all comes down to whether he or the EXs are in a limo to pick Janet up.

    The idea is completely stupid. I think they thought it would somehow do well, but there's nothing really going on. It's just a date, with a couple strings attached. One of them knows a lot about the other. It's very retarded. It's possible they can make this good, but they really didn't think through it when making this. I saw two episodes before. Both were really bad and extremely boring. Do not watch this show! If you want a good dating show, go to MTV or Spike TV or... just anywhere else other than this show.moreless