Extreme Dinosaurs

(ended 1997)




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Extreme Dinosaurs

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Dinosaurs and aliens have been recovered in Roswell and it has been a secret among them and a farmer. They roam the Earth to learn new things about human culture and entertainment while they battle with the evil raptors. The extreme dinosaurs, T-Bone (Tyrannosaurus), Bullzeye (Pteradon), Spike (Triceratops), and Stegz (Stegosaurus) along with a new dinosaur friend, Hardrock uses tremondous powers to defeat Bad Rap, Spittor, and Haxx.

T-BONE A Tyrannosaurus who is the leader of the Extreme Dinosaurs due to the fact that he has all the qualities of being one - he is commanding, strong, takes responsibility, and cares for his fellow teammates. He leads his team to victory against the schemes that the Raptors create, while attending missions by himself. He has a strong fist that can cause earthquakes.

BULLZEYE The wreckless Pteradon who always gets into trouble but at the same time, learns the most about the world around him. He likes to watch television, and attack the Raptors. He is the most excitable Extreme Dinosaur and always trusts whatever he is told. His special attack is the production of a sound wave that is so loud that it can destroy anything it touches.

SPIKE A Triceratops with one broken horn. The muscular and strongest on the team, he is always ready for action. Being able to eliminate his opponents with his three horns.

STEGZ This intelligent Stegosaurus provides the team with all the information they need to solev their problems. He is always using his computer to search for useful information. He is a whiz at everything and can also battle using his plates. He can roll into a huge ball with spikes sticking out, and attack by rolling around at hyper-speed.

THE RAPTORS Under the leadership of Bad Rap, Spittor, with a device around his mouth that can shoot acid or any other liquids, and Haxx, with a deviced on his wrist that forms a sharp laser-like weapon. They create a lot of schemes to destroy the Earth or to get warm due to the cold climate surrounding them.

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