Extreme Dinosaurs

(ended 1997)





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  • A unique sci-fiction/action cartoon

    A group of random dinosaurs are mutated by an alien scientist but questioned his authority and plans and end up becoming a team anyway in order to protect humanity from various threats including a trio of raptors who don't mind being minions of evil doing. It's quite a bit to take in with alien races, environmental destruction, fights, and world domination. It 's sort of weird at times but has great action and heart and is worth watching or at least checking out. The writing isn't always the best but it is far better than the worst cartoons out there.
  • A bizzare but engaging show that follows in the vain of the ninja turtles

    I didn't want to see this show at first, as I thought it would be something bland in the vein the the turtles. I was completly wrong, A show with anthropomorphised dinosaurs with an alien leader, a farmer and a prince of England for helpers was something different. I should show this to other people as it shows the Raptors trying to accomplish global warming and what can be done to prevent that. There are some annoying one-liners but there are some good dialogue and acting especially from Scott McNeil, Jason Gray Stanford, and Gary Chalk. They could do better with the sound effects though, why does T-Bone sound like a lion? Nonetheless I like the show and I even like the powers the dinosaurs use....."Saurian Stomp!"
  • An older cartoon show, featuring everything from alternate dimensions and talking dinosaurs, to bizarre creature, living skeletons, and lots of good old-fashioned fist fights. It’s one weird wild ride after another.

    An old favorite of mine, not so much now but it still is kind of special to me; Nostalgic, so to speak.
    If there's one thing to be mentioned it's the script. The story is great, the themes are good, but the basic scripting of the lines and such could have been a lot better; IE, far to many one-liners and not enough actual 'dialog'.
    Still, a noteworthy show for all its shortcomings; even inspirational in some ways. I even wish they would bring it back, with a bit better animation and much better writing.
    Still, I guess one can't have everything in life.
    All in all, a good show; it could have been better, but then, so could a lot of things.
  • A Great and "Extremely" Excellent Show to Watch!!!!!

    I think it was the best show ever, and it should be back on TV, because even my whole family liked it!!! It would be Great if it where back on TV again, and I would even love to have all the episodes on Tape or even DVD if it where possible!!!! Put it back on!!!!!, Please!!!!
  • This show was ok.

    this show was ok and not that bad.I remember watching this when I was a kid and my favorite was T-bone.Or was it Bullz-eye?I don't remember,but I do remember that this show was excellent.There was nothing better than seeing a squad of Dinos duking it out with some raptors.Great show!
  • Four mutated dinosaurs and an alien must stop a visous gang of raptors from distroying humanity and taking over the world.

    I'll be the first to admit that show had a lot to be disaired. There were horrid animation errors, bad writing, and corny stories, but for some reason I ate it up. I'm most likily the only person that even bought the tapes from the show. Those were nothing special.

    The idea of the show was that an evil alien came from another demention to run from the law. He was chased here by another alien named, Chedra. In order to shake the good guys, the bad alien mutated some of the dinosausrs he found: T-bone, Steges, Bullzeye, and Spike. They refused to help him so they were abandoned and replaced by three raptors. After the alien cased the earth to go through an ice age and caused the exstiction of the dinosaurs, they all ended up being frozen in Chedra's space ship. They were later uncovered in Rosewell and chased into hiding in a nearby farm. There they found shelter with the owner Pork. From there on the sprend most of there time evading the Roswell agents, other fame chasers, and there enemys the raptors.

    It wasn't perfect, heck it as far from it, but for some reason or another it was my cup of tea, and I enjoyed every sip of it.