Extreme Dinosaurs

(ended 1997)





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  • Four mutated dinosaurs and an alien must stop a visous gang of raptors from distroying humanity and taking over the world.

    I'll be the first to admit that show had a lot to be disaired. There were horrid animation errors, bad writing, and corny stories, but for some reason I ate it up. I'm most likily the only person that even bought the tapes from the show. Those were nothing special.

    The idea of the show was that an evil alien came from another demention to run from the law. He was chased here by another alien named, Chedra. In order to shake the good guys, the bad alien mutated some of the dinosausrs he found: T-bone, Steges, Bullzeye, and Spike. They refused to help him so they were abandoned and replaced by three raptors. After the alien cased the earth to go through an ice age and caused the exstiction of the dinosaurs, they all ended up being frozen in Chedra's space ship. They were later uncovered in Rosewell and chased into hiding in a nearby farm. There they found shelter with the owner Pork. From there on the sprend most of there time evading the Roswell agents, other fame chasers, and there enemys the raptors.

    It wasn't perfect, heck it as far from it, but for some reason or another it was my cup of tea, and I enjoyed every sip of it.
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