Extreme Dinosaurs

Season 1 Episode 17

The Incredible Shrinking Dinosaurs

Aired Weekdays 6:00 AM Sep 23, 1997 on

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  • A funny episode that pays homage to the three stooges!

    This one of my favorite episode of the Extreme Dinosaurs as it is very funny. For full proof see the quotes section and prepare to laugh your head off! Seems like the Raptors, even Bad Rap are now like the three stooges with Bad Rap being Curly, Spittor as Larry, and Haxx being Moe. I especially liked the dialogue between Bad Rap and Spittor when Bullzeye whispers in Bad Rap's ear that he forgot where the triggering device was. But Haxx was the real comic relief of this show. His idiocy and obsession with dealing with insects in a funny way. You'll sure to love this episode I guarantee it!