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  • Intense minutes fly by as players throw balls at each other!

    Extreme Dodgeball is personally my favorite show ever. Watching from week to week as players we have come to love dominate their opponets. This show has an appeal to everyone. There are a huge group of people that think the show is very dumb. But those people are afraid they will get hooked on the show or not but, they should give the show a chance anyway. One of the reasons people argue its a silly show is because of the people on the show like Dodgy, who I thought brought the show down. My biggest conflict with the new format is we only get to see 24 minutes of play. I think the more time they play dodgeball the bigger the appeal will be. The show has been dropped by GSN:( Which is too bad because the show had a ton of groupies. I will continue to watch my taped episodes as they are classic. Greatest show ever!
  • This is the type of show that you can just sit back and enjoy without having to think at all.

    Extreme Dodgeball is the perfect guilty pleasure show. It contains fast-paced action, suprisingly funny commentary and memorable players that help the show to the Anti-Athletes sport. You enjoy seeing one of the star players being a short guy with glass and the name of a catelog. This is the perfect show to watch the end of the day with friends and enjoy.

    EDIT: After seeing the new season, I must lower tje score because they completely revamped the show, making it point based, and ruined it.
  • Yet Again Another bad case of good show- bad channelitis.

    I watched extreme dodgeball and immediatly fell in love with it. What I didnt like was it was on GSN, the most boring channel Ive ever seen. That show could of been on a way better channel. I also think it remined me to much of the movie Dodgeball a true underdog story, Was Mechelle based on Tyrone Rush?
  • Ever since Season 1 this show has been the quiet king of sports.

    One of the fastest paced sports I've ever seen. It's entertaining no matter of whether you like sports or not. This show has only gotten better and better.

    Season 1- A bit of a gimmick but still exciting and entertaining. The gimmicks made it more funny and less of a sport but that wasn't such a bad thing. The gimmick was that some of the teams just seemed out right silly. A team of midgets? A squad of sumo wrestlers? A bunch of mimes? INSANITY! But very entertaining to watch. 9.7/10

    Season 2- Gimmick Teams = Gone. It feels more sporty but loses the novelty of watching a bunch of midgets dodging throws from sumos. But the novelty effect would have likely worn out soon anyway so this may have been for the better. It was exciting watching the close matches and was deffinately a must-see. 10/10

    Season 3- Now a true sport WITH a gimmick. It has scores and time peroids now, which make it entertaining for sports enthusiasts, but there are celebrity players now captaning each time, giving it a broader range of likability. Fast Paced action and nonstop insanity. Simply great. 11/10... or I guess 10/10...
  • WHAT DID THEY DO TO THIS ONCE-GREAT SHOW?!?!?! The first 2 seasons of Dodgeball were exciting, fun and fast-paced, with great players. Then they changed it all.

    This once-great show has been reduced to a shadow of its former self. Gone are the players who gave the teams their spirit. Gone are the basic rules of the game. Gone is the fun.

    This is no longer dodgeball -- it's some half-baked substitute created by some marketing people who just HAD to try to make it better. It was great. Now I don't even watch it anymore. It's boring, pointless and dragged out. And why on earth did they need to bring in celebrity players? C'mon guys, you sold out a brilliant show in the hopes of bringing in more viewers. Well, this is one viewer you lost.

  • i love this show

    I think this show is excellent, it's a good sportin show and the teams are WKD. if u liked the movie i think u'll love the show.the best teams are cpa and reef sharks, so look out for them. The only problem is that i keep missing it !! .
  • One of my personal favorites. Gotta love it.

    It's the fastest, deadliest, and most ferocious sport on Earth: EXTREME DODGEBALL. It's back for a third season. And might I add, it's gettin better all of the time. Since we last left the glamour and pomp of the second season, we say goodbye to many things. First, we leave the life of the traditional "themed" teams. Say goodbye to the accountants, the surfers, and the musclemen. We now have teams such as the New York Bling, the Chicago Hitmen, and the Philadelphia Benjamins. Now, most people would change the channel right here and now. Me...not in a million years. This is getting pretty interesting. Second, we don't have many of the classic veterans from the past two seasons. We have a lot of rookie players. But that really doesn't matter. The rookies are proving to be tough guys (and girls). And the captains? Well, they're holding their own as well.

    I could go on and on about the other new features of the show. But I'll let you have your own opinions on this topic. Extreme Dodgeball: Proving to be one of my personal favorites.
  • awesome.It is so cool.I love it.

    i am a big fan of extreme dodgeball. I think it's the best sport show ever. However every snice they got a new commissiner i think it is going to go down hill fast. I mean he has change the entire game that we know and love.It is not gonna be as greatly great as the frist two seasons. and because of that it is going to go down hill.

    That was my reveiw before, but after I watched it I realized the new dodgeball was better.
  • Extreme Dodgeball, now appreciated as a popular 'sport'

    Every year ED seems to keep updating the game making it more and more competitave as well as popular. I have been following ED since day one and to see it being built into a 'sport' from a show each and every season is amazing. In the first season it started out as 6 (I think) teams playing reagular games of dodgeball, waiting for the final battle, then in season two, they added regeneration, divisions, and made it look more like a sport, but now in season three, they have added people and celebrities that you have actually heard of before, such as Walsh, they added a point and time system making the game more fan-friendly and fun to watch, plus added city-related teams, also a fan helper so that you can get behind your city and root for them to win, rather than some random team. One thing that they added in season 3 was that each time you win, you recieve $5000, since I missed the first rounds, I am not sure what this means or what it amounts to, but you will have to do that for your self, and repot back! ;)

    Overall, it has graduated from a slap-stick comedy sport about your third grade year and turned it into a popular 'sport' that fans alike will be able to love.
  • hottest game show

    This show is worth watching on GSN. I watch it every Tuesday. Dodgeball is my fav. sport. My fav. team 1st season was Barbell Mafia. Then on the 2nd season, it was BLING. Now this season, I have no idea who's my fav., but n e ways, This show is a upcoming classic. My friend said her fav show on that channel was LINGO. That show isn't that fun. I live Russian Roulette, but n e ways, Extreme Dodgeball is the crunkest game show ever. They should bring it back every summer. My fav player is Tyrone Rush from Barbell Mafia. They shoulda put him on a team this year. He was the only player that had what it took to play Dodgeball.
  • Love the show,and the game. Cant wait for the next season.

    A few might find it stupid,immature,and ahh,well stupid, but it can be a very entertaining show. If you get to know the teams and the players, it may become a little addicting. For some, it wont apply, they will just flip the channel. But if you enjoy it. You might find yourself wanting to play with your friends or join a league yourself. The hosts are pretty cool too, one of them (Bil Dweyer) Can be found on a few other shows includng I love the 90's or Best Week Ever occasionaly. Overall u may find Extreme Dodgeball stupid, or really fun to watch. It depends on your personallity. I myself find it fun to watch.
  • Extreme Dodgeball is an awesome US game show shown on GSN in which teams compete for a cash prize against by playing dodgeball.

    The TV show consists of 8 teams in teh first 2 series but will only consist of 6 in the eagerly awaited 3rd season. The game is fast, furious, and extremely competitive. With the favourite teams like CPA and Armed Response, fans should be increasing by the second as they watch the exciting game. After the first series, the top four teams stayed on to form the Classic Division and 4 new teams were introduced to create the Expansion Division. The Expansion Division impressed with their new skills and strength shocking the Classic Division.
    The new season is due to start on GSN on July 19th, and no date for UK yet.
  • This is a great, underappreciated show

    Who doesn't like watching people throw dodgeballs 40 to 60 MPH and watch people get hit hard. Sure people on this show don't make much money, but it is an excellant way to have fun and still have a real job. This is exciting, but you just have to give it a chance.
  • Fast-paced action at its finest!

    Remember playing dodgeball in school? Every student would always get an adrenaline rush just hearing the word, whether it may be as a result of excitement or fear. But hey, red rubber balls flying at you at high speeds from every angle can do that to you. Now that this sport has been taken to the professional level, with those red balls flying harder and faster than anybody ever saw in their school career, people who enjoyed dodgeball in elementary school can relive fond memories of their childhood. But this show is not just for people who like the sport. Anybody who enjoys any form of fast-paced action will enjoy this show.
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