Extreme Engineering

Wednesday 9:00 PM on Discovery Channel Premiered Apr 01, 2003 In Season





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  • Nice tv show but............

    Danny Forster is NOT professional and qualified to do this job. He ALWAYS repeats what the real engineers say and during the same interview!!! People, please learn to listen! And his sense of humor is comparable to the one of a virgin teenager.

    I definitely won't watch it anymore.
  • Yet another awesome documentary show.

    This show, as you might have already learned from the summary and title, is all about huge and amazing engineering marvels. The first time I watched it, I thought it was only information, but I realized that they actually record how it's built, and what's going on! They're not just saying "They do this and that to do that and this", but they go a step furthur which probably attracts much of the audience: They make it seem like a story. It has suspenceful moments, like they are putting in a piece that might fall, or even disaterous such as a storm knocking over a crane (This didn't happen, they are just examples).

    Information and a story put together make one awesome show.
  • The future is coming...

    Well, I watch the series from DVDs my teacher brings. I have to say, it's really informative the program. It talks about engineering the what is the impossible. It shows how hard planning is taken to make a site. Some are done and there are some that are in construction, and some are even not yet constructed but planned! I can view already the future through the videos. For we would later cross the Atlantic Ocean later or even go around the world through one single road! Morover, including a city under one roof! The future is coming...
  • Marvelous

    This is one of my favorite shows that I use to watch on the discover channel. Its exciting and educational. It was one of the few shows on discovery channel that I was always anticipating to watch. The only thing bad about this show is that there is a lack of episodes and the new episodes seems to fluctuate all the time, jumping from different seasons rather then following the guidelines setup for the show, but overall its one of the best shows I've watched and I'm very glad that this show is now downloadable on itunes. This is definately something everyone should check out.
  • its a very smart show.....

    its somthing that kids make fun off me for watching......its a very interesting show about modern building ...... dams.... bridges.... etc. its VERY cool.... because i am interested in building and modern technology...its very healthy for the brain and yada yada yada yada yada yda yda yada yada yada yasa
  • What it's educational and entertaining the world is coming to an END!

    This was one of my favorite Discover channel show's it's was educational and entertaining from beginning to end. It was cool because it shows you things that we might see in the future like bridges, cities. There were also things we have now that was considered Extreme Engineering because of problems they faced like tunnels, bridges.
  • Great Show about buildings that could come to be in the future. Shows the great things about these buildings an explains how long it would take to build them, if or when they are going to be built, and all their inner workings.

    Great learning experience and very entertaining. If you are an engineer or an architect then this is a great show to watch, also if you are a student who is studying to become an engineer or architect then this show wiil show you what you would be doing in the future.