Extreme Ghostbusters

Season 1 Episode 37

Back in the Saddle (1)

Aired Unknown Dec 03, 1997 on



  • Trivia

    • It would appear that Egon's birthday is on the 19th November, as Janine mentions that Thanksgiving is a week later.

  • Quotes

    • Kylie: We've got the entity in our sights. Preparing to engage.
      Peter: I didn't even know they were dating!

    • Eduardo: (to Egon) Why do you need us around, now that you got the "A-team" back together again?

    • (Phone ringing. Peter answers it.)
      Peter: Ghostbusters. You got the dough, the spook's gotta go.

    • Egon: So how did that Hollywood thing work out, Peter? Ever sell that idea for another movie about us?
      Peter: We're very close to a deal, but I'm holding out 'til Brad Pitt becomes available. I mean, check out this jaw line. Huh, who else could play me?

    • Peter: We came, we saw, we bowled.

    • Peter: (to Ray, Winston and Egon)Suit up boys, we're back in the saddle.

    • Peter: We're here, we're back, we're bad, so let's par-ty.

    • (The Extreme Ghostbusters meet the original Ghostbusters.)
      Garrett: Hey, check it out, it's really them!
      Kylie: The original Ghostbusters.
      Roland: The REAL Ghostbusters.
      Eduardo: Yeah, they look real alright. Real old.

  • Notes

    • Useful Fact: Like they do in this episode, the original Real Ghostbusters also battled ghosts at a bowling alley in the very first RGB episode Knock, Knock.

    • This, of course, was the episode that brought all of the Ghostbusters, old and new, together for the first time. To make it complete, Dave Coulier, Buster Jones, and Frank Welker reunited as well to voice Peter, Ray, and Winston. (Too bad they couldn't have gotten Lorenzo Music and Arsenio Hall to do Peter and Winston) Two inexplicable details: Peter and Winston wear their old Ghostbuster uniforms, but Ray is wearing one of Egon's,and the original Proton Packs and Ghost trap are still working,but Egon is using the new P.K.E meter,instead of the original P.K.E meter from RGB cartoon.

    • - "Back in the Saddle" parts one and two were originally scheduled to air 11/14/97 and 11/15/97

    • The producers' plan had always been to end the first season with the return of the original Boys in Grey.

  • Allusions

    • Peter's line "We came, we saw, we bowled." is a reference to the original Ghostbusters film in which Peter (Bill Murray) has a very similar line after busting Slimer at the Sedgwick Hotel.