Extreme Ghostbusters

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Unknown Sep 05, 1997 on
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Episode Summary

Truly horrific ghosts suddenly appear out of nowhere, but they have no interest in merely scaring people. They instead exact a vicious toll against their victims. As the EGBs try to bust them, Eduardo can't help but find something about these ghosts familiar. It turns out that they are somehow the creations of his favorite writer. In any case, the EGB face great difficulty in trying to bust them – especially when they capture Roland.moreless

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Billy West

Billy West

voice of Slimer

Alfonso Ribeiro

Alfonso Ribeiro

voice of Roland Jackson

Jason Marsden

Jason Marsden

voice of Garrett Miller

Maurice LaMarche

Maurice LaMarche

voice of Egon Spengler

Rino Romano

Rino Romano

voice of Eduardo Rivera

Tara Strong

Tara Strong

voice of Kylie Griffin

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Production Supervisor/Coordinator Shannon Muir notes: We had to tone down the "surgical" instruments used by the characters; the originals were considered too realistic and therefore not appropriate. This decision, unfortunately, happened after the storyboard was finished (but fortunatelay before it went overseas!) but it still took a lot of effort to substitute them.

  • QUOTES (22)

    • Crainiac: If it is not written...
      Crainiac, Grizzle, & Corpussle: It cannot be done.
      Kylie: What do they mean by that?
      Eduardo: Beats me.
      Kylie: You're the expert!
      Eduardo: That part's not in the books!

    • Garrett: Hey Busters, any calls?
      Eduardo: Tons, that's why we're sitting here not moving.
      Roland: I think Eduardo is being sarcastic.
      Garrett: Thanks Roland.

    • Newscaster: (About Kline, the horror author) Kline hasn't been seen or heard from in several months. Has he retired, or has he just gone into seclusion, working hard on his long overdue gore fest?
      Eduardo: Maybe he's dead.

    • Roland: So, Garrett, how reality based is your story?
      Kylie: I think what Roland's politely fishing for is, we're in it, right?
      Eduardo: (Looking through the story) Yeah, we're in it for about a page, then we die, squealing for mercy.
      Roland: We what?
      Eduardo: Well, not all of us, the (coughs) handsome guy in the wheelchair lives.
      Kylie: What a shock.

    • Roland: My little brother reads J.N. Kline. You read kids' books?
      Eduardo: Yeah, well, I read them to kids. Hey, hey, they're gory you know.

    • Garrett: Well tell me, as a fan of the genre, did my story rock?
      Eduardo: Well, um…
      Garrett: Go on, tell it to me like it is I can take it.
      Eduardo: It stunk, bad.

    • Roland: (Wearing ghost detecting goggles) If they left ecto trails, they didn't have much of an afterlife.

    • Kylie: (As Garrett tries to shoot the zombie Jimmy) No, that's Jimmy. He's the guy we're looking for.
      Garrett: Who, meat face? You got a concussion, sister?

    • Eduardo: (Sees a character from Kline's books) Kline's books have no basis in reality, huh.
      Kylie: My mistake.

    • Garrett: (To Eduardo) They may be the brains of this operation, but you and me, we're the butt kickers. Especially me.

    • Roland: (Looking at the story creatures) Who are those guys?
      Eduardo: The big one's Corpussle. (Roland gets tackled by one of the creatures) Your buddy's Grizzle.

    • Kylie: Jimmy, look at yourself. Please Jimmy, don't let it happen to them. Help me get everyone out of here. (Jimmy pours a chemical that makes him and the hostages disappear) Not what I had in mind.

    • Eduardo: (about Corpussle) Don't let him eat my brain!
      Garrett: And he wonders where I get "squealing for mercy".

    • Garrett: Tea time. Corpussle, catch. (Corpussle catches the tea kettle with his hand-eyes)
      Corpussle: My eyes!

    • Craniac: If it is not written, it cannot be done.

    • Garrett: (Watching the zombie from behind) I'm a sucker for sucker shots.
      Kylie: No, it's not a Vathek, its one of their victims.
      Garrett: I know, I'm going to suck the evil right out of him.
      Kylie: And if it doesn't work that way?
      Garrett: It blows up real good.

    • Garrett: (Following the sound of a typewriter to a room) Like a trail of breadcrumbs.

    • Kylie: Roland, you're alright.
      Eduardo: I thought maybe you'd be dead.
      Roland: Yeah, me too.

    • Grizzle: The book will be finished.
      Corpussle: The book will be done.
      Craniac: And together we will change the face of humanity.

    • Garrett: (Trying to change the story while being surrounded by fire) The handsome ghost butt kicker sat defiant and…uh…
      Kylie and Roland: And what!
      Garrett: I don't know! You try being creative under this kind of pressure.

    • Eduardo: (As Garrett tries to type a different ending) Give it up, Garrett. You stink, bad. (Blasts the typewriter)

    • Garret: You read books?
      Roland: You read book?
      Kylie: You read?

  • NOTES (0)


    • R.L Stine:

      The character J.N. Kline's name and writing profession are clearly parodies of the author of the popular book series Goosebumps.